Organise a Factory Noise Measurement kit

factory noise measurement kitIf you are an employer or person in control of noisy premises, you are expected to reduce the risk of damage to the hearing of your employees from exposure to noise to the lowest level reasonably practicable.  If the noise exposure on a daily or weekly basis are above certain values, you must carry out a noise risk assessment of the working environment and record your findings.  Therefore a reliable factory noise measurement kit is essential.

Pulsar’s latest factory noise measurement kit has been specifically designed to monitor the noise levels of both machinery and individual exposure to noise in the work environment over a period of time and in accordance with noise legislation in the UK, EU and beyond.

Each measurement kit contains a Class 1 or Class 2 hand-held sound level meter to measure the noise in decibels and the peak sound pressure which is the highest noise level reached by the sound, an acoustic calibrator (again, Class 1 or Class 2) to verify the accuracy of your sound level meter, a number of wearable personal noise dosemeters to capture the individual exposure to noise and calibration certificates. The factory noise measurement kit comes with its dedicated reporting software to help download, analyse and communicate findings but also to preserve important data for future evidence such as required during an HSE inspection or in case of civil claims for noise-induced hearing loss.  All instruments included in the kit are housed in a convenient metallic carrying case with their associated accessories (cables, batteries, keyring and windshield).

Is your industry at risk?

The HSE estimates that well over 17,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive and harmful noise at work.  Therefore, a range of workplaces are a risk where consistent, high noise levels or sudden impulsive noises are generated. Examples include manufacturing, construction, demolition, quarrying, mining, engineering, education, emergency services and the entertainment industry to name but a few.

In fact, anywhere where noise is produced either by machinery, tools or processes over an entire working shift and workers are having to raise their voices to be heard if they are more than 2m apart consistently over 2 hours or 1m apart over 45 minutes.  This should prompt a safety professional to undertake a noise risk assessment.

Let us demonstrate how this kit will help you

You can request to see the Pulsar Instruments’ factory noise measurement kit by ringing 01723 518011 and an engineer will be happy to demonstrate the ease of use and the many benefits this kit will offer you.  Additional information can be obtained by consulting our friendly team