SafeEar Noise-Activated Safety System

Noise-activated safety sign, warns workers, visitors and other operatives when hearing protection is needed. 

The system is also dustproof and mobile and can be moved to where it's needed most whether that is inside the workplace or outside. 

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This noise-activated safety system is a pro-active solution to addressing the problems of workers activities that can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Operatives, sub-contractors, staff and visitors are warned about increasing noise levels in their area of work through this noise-activated hazard sign. 

If noise levels reach or exceed a pre-set decibel level then the noise hazard sign will illuminate to warn that hearing protection is advised. Once the noise hazard is gone the sign will cease to be illuminated and people can remove their hearing protection safe in the knowledge that their noise exposure has been controlled effectively.

Suitable for use:

  • Indoors: in warehousing, factories, construction sites, and commercial kitchens
  • Outside offices, pubs and entertainment spaces to warn of noise when leaving the premises
  • On other operational sites where there is a constant changing environment depending on the activities taking place. 

Key features and benefits of the noise-activated safety sign:

  • Mobile noise hazard sign can be moved around to focus on noisy areas
  • Includes its own independent rechargeable battery supply
  • High-intensity white LED technology lights up when a preset noise level is exceeded
  • Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A) for use in any environment
  • Quick & simple to install
  • Weatherproof and dustproof (IP65 rated with integral microphone and with IP67 rated connectors )

Note: This product does not include a trolley or hearing protection dispenser as standard. If you would like these items please contact us directly for further information. 

Find out more about the development of the noise-activated safety system in our Blog.

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