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Noise measurement product accessories

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Noise measurement product accessories

By: Admin

If you are involved in workplace noise measurement or looking to purchase an instrument from Pulsar Instruments, you may be interested to know that all our devices come with a variety of accessories to enhance their functionality, but also to make your job easier, depending on your application.  As a company, we felt that it was worth covering some of the accessories that we offer with our products as it is something that our customers query on occasions.  Accessories can be overlooked and often the customer doesn’t realise all the ancillary items that are considered in every step of a product’s development!  So that being said, here is a blog post about our main noise measurement product accessories and a brief justification for their existance.

Pulsar main noise measurement product accessories:

Acoustic calibrator

Available as a Class 1 or 2, these devices fit over the microphone of the instrument and allow you to quickly check the accuracy of your sound level meter or noise dosemeter thus complying with international regulations and codes of practice.

Windshields for Sound level meter and personal noise dosemeters

Pulsar offers different sizes of windshields depending on the instrument.  Windshields are made of special treated open cell foam.  They are used to reduce the effects of air movement over the microphone and protect the microphone from damage and dust as well as acting as a temporary protection against rain drops.

Microphone capsules

This is the most unique and delicate part of your sound level meter.  We do provide replacement parts for both Class 1 or Class 2 microphone capsules. You must treat this item with respect as any mechanical damage is normally irreparable.


We offer a wide range of cables including microphone extension cables for removable pre-amplifiers, USB download cables to link devices to a PC to download noise measurements and a variety of input/output cables.

Wrist strap

A wrist strap allows you to carry your sound level meter safely and lets you conduct other tasks while carrying the meter with you.  A sound level meter falling on its microphone capsule is to be avoided!  The wrist strap can save you a lot of lost time replacing a damaged sound level meter.

Mounting kit for Noise Dosemeter

This consists of a leather strap and a small plastic disc that slots in as shown on the picture on the left. It is used to mount a noise dosemeter badge and is normally clipped or pinned thereafter onto the shoulder and worn throughout an entire shift.  This item comes as standard with any doseBadge system bought along with other accessories such as the Reader, cables and software as shown on the picture.

Charger unit for Noise Dosemeter

This docking station can host up to 5 badges at any time.  It trickle charges the internal battery of the badge and is used to avoid any potential damage to the devices through unwanted battery discharge.

Noise dosemeter helmet mount

A small optional plastic device which slots to the side of a safety helmet where a noise dosemeter can be screwed on.

Keyfob remote control

This fob is designed to start and stop a noise dosemeter at a short distance via an infrared signal instead of using the main Reader.


The majority of our sound level meters and acoustic calibrators come complete with a keyring. This is not a gadget but a useful tool to help you open the relevant compartment to change the instrument’s battery(ies).


The majority of our measurement instruments are supplied with the relevant alkaline batteries either 9V or AA so that you are ready to go!  For other fixed equipment, a mains power supply is provided such as for the PulsarSafeEar wall-mounted noise activated warning sign.


You can chose to use an adjustable three-legged frame to support our meters or preamplifier whilst taking noise measurements. Pulsar offer a choice of standard or heavy duty tripods.

Hard attaché/kit case

If you opt for a complete noise measurement kit, all instruments including accessories will be supplied in a hard kit case lined with customised foam and external aluminum finish.  A hard kit case is an ideal way of protecting any precision instruments and carry them safely in a variety of working environments.

Carry pouch

There is a simple transportation pouch available in black nylon finish suitable for Pulsar basic digital sound level meter, windshield, batteries and acoustic calibrator.  This allows you to carry your instrumentation safely over the shoulder.

Reporting software

We supply ‘reporting software‘ with all our data logging instruments to enable the user to download their noise measurements onto a PC or laptop for detailed analysis and to create a variety of informative reports.

Calibration certificates

All Pulsar sound level meters, noise dosemeters and acoustic calibrators come with a unique certificate of calibration detailing calibration procedure and traceability. Certificates are valid for a period of 12 months from the calibration date.

User manual

All our noise measurement products are supplied with user manuals detailing how to configure, use, maintain and care for the instrument and how to trouble-shoot any simple issues.  The final part of the user manual includes a CE certificate of conformity.

 After reading this article, you might decide to add to your existing noise measurement instrument. Why not consult our full range of noise measurement products and accessories on our website today?  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact Pulsar Instruments to discuss your requirements or to obtain a free quote.

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