Noise Meters - Why you should choose Pulsar Instruments

Pulsar Instruments – the Gold Standard in Noise Measurement

Noise Meters - why choose PulsarThe fact that Pulsar Instruments is a manufacturing company with 50 years of successful history speaks for itself; we have been at the forefront of technology for noise meters since its inception as an engineer-led concern in 1969. We were the first company to display the sound exposure times on the same scale of noise meters as well as the sound pressure level – a revolutionary idea at the time and one Health and Safety practitioners now rely on, and we were instrumental in the development of the IEC’s International Noise Measurement Standard.

We are golden

For fifty years Pulsar Instruments has represented the gold standard in noise measurement. We have contributed significantly to the way noise, and in particular noise at work, is currently monitored, helping protect worker’s hearing and improving the quality of their lives and working environments in thousands of companies around the globe.

We are trusted

Our long-established brand has been trusted by health and safety practitioners for 50 years to deliver robust, easy to use, affordable, and accurate high-performance noise measurement equipment to solve their noise problems.

Noise meters - why choose PulsarWe are innovative:

  • We were the first company to display sound exposure times on the scale of the noise meter as well as the sound pressure level – at the time a revolutionary idea.
  • We pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of separate transistors
  • We designed the first noise meters to be ‘styled’ with coloured scales and fitted it into beautiful moulded cases now seen as commonplace.
  • We developed the world’s first true linear scaled meter.
  • We produced the first instrument designed for a world market meeting the new international standards of the time.
  • Our Chief Engineer, with three other British engineers, were responsible for much of the IEC's international noise measurement standard IEC 61672.

We are here for you today and tomorrow

Today Pulsar Instruments is a thriving modern business selling a range of noise meters, noise dosimeters, noise warning signs in over 50 countries around the world online and through our network of sales partners.

Pulsar has always existed not only as a vendor of noise measurement products but as a company with a strong commitment towards continuous research and development to benefit the industries we serve. We have introduced many new products in the last 50 years from the very basic to the highly innovative. They have all contributed to a step change in the way noise at work is now being monitored.

From the start, we worked closely with customers and listened to their needs and to this day, we have remained faithful to our original commitment to them which was to produce easy to use, durable and reliable instrumentation.

We are proud to be a UK company with a very strong global presence.  There are many good reasons to be excited about the future and we are looking forward to the next 50 years!

We are Pulsar Instruments                                                         

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