Noise-activated Warning Signs

Highly visible noise warning signs to tell people when there is a noise hazard or noise levels are too high and they need to wear hearing protection or keep noise levels down.

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Our range includes easy to install wall-mounted safety signs that warn of potential hazards as well as free-standing mobile sound control signs that will help you keep noise levels safe in your workplace.

Noise-activated warning signs

Noise Safety legislation (for instance that of the HSE in the UK) and standards in most countries state that companies must clearly define any areas where there is a noise hazard and that their workers should be clearly notified of any potential danger of high noise levels so that they can put on hearing protection. 

Putting up standard printed "Hearing Protection Must Be Worn" warning signs for areas of high noise means that employees have to follow the instruction continuously in these zones and ALSO someone has to monitor them to make sure they are complying. In addition, wearing hearing defenders is not always popular with employees, and it may not be practical for employees to wear hearing protection constantly, especially where noise levels are intermittent or the potential hazard varies greatly over the day. For example, noise levels may fluctuate above and below the Lower Action Level of 80 dB(A), where hearing protection must be provided.

Noise-Activated Warning Signs provide an alternative to this as they are linked to the actual noise levels in the working environment, and can, therefore, help to manage the wearing of hearing PPE: the employer sets a preferred 'trigger level' (for example 80 dB(A), once that noise level is reached that level the sign will light up it's highly visible warning. Such signs therefore effectively allow the marking of an area as "Hearing Protection Mandatory Only When Lit". 

Our range of safety signs are ideal for:

  • Noisy Environments: Our range of noise safety signs shows people when there is a potential hazard to their hearing and hearing protection must be worn. Messages include "Hearing Protection Must be Worn" and "Caution High Noise Levels"
  • Quiet Environments: The warning signs can also be used in quiet locations such as schools, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down.