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Noise meter recalibration and vibration meter recalibration

Choose Pulsar Instruments™ for recalibration of your noise & vibration measurement equipment – Experts in noise since 1969.

Pulsar Instruments™ offers an affordable and traceable recalibration service (including optional UKAS calibration to ISO 17025:2017). Accurate noise meter and vibration meter calibration is essential – if you don’t recalibrate your equipment regularly your measurements may not be seen as accurate, reliable or compliant.

Why choose Pulsar for your instrument’s recalibration?

  • Accurate calibration of noise and vibration measurement instruments
  • Ensures accuracy and compliance with regulations and standards
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Priority service available on request
  • Fixed prices (no hidden extras).
  • Prices include:
    • Firmware updates
    • Performance adjustments
    • Checking on over 100 different parameters
    • New batteries
    • Minor repairs (including to display screens)
    • Issue of new valid calibration certificates
  • Extends your existing warranty for a further 12 months (up to 7 years)
  • Our Calibration Centre offers standard calibration as well as UKAS calibration (to ISO 17025:2017, and octave band filters at BS EN 61260-1:2014)
  • Collection service available
  • Affordable and traceable calibration service for other manufactured makes and models also available

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Our warranty offers total confidence

Pulsar Instruments sound level meters, noise dosemeters, and acoustic calibrators are well known for being robust and hard-wearing and come with a 1-year warranty as standard.

However, recalibrating and servicing your instruments is an important factor of ensuring your equipment continues to function correctly; this is called in IEC standard 61672 for sound level meters or ‘Routine Verification’.

We recommend that you return your noise meter and acoustic calibrator for service and recalibration on a yearly basis so you can have total confidence in your noise measurements. If you do, we will extend your warranty period for a further 12 months free of charge up to 7 years.

The Pulsar Warranty includes any faults on the sound level meter and accidental case damage. Please note the warranty does not cover accidental damage to the microphone or damage to the display.

After recalibration of your instruments, we issue you with a current and valid calibration certificate.

We perform all calibrations in accordance with recommendations and requirements of the appropriate International Standards and typically check over 100 different parameters.

Find out more about our customer care and how we look after our customers.

Recalibration of other manufacturers’ instruments

Pulsar Instruments offers an affordable and traceable calibration service for all makes and models of noise measurement products from the following manufacturers:

Bruel & Kjaer, Casella, Castle Group, 3M, RION, Svantek, Testo and more

We can test the following equipment that is manufactured to the following standards:

Sound level meters

  • IEC 61672:1-2002 or
  • IEC 61672:1-2013

Acoustic calibrators

  • IEC 60942:2003 or
  • IEC 60942:2017

Octave band filters

  • IEC 61260:1995

If you’re not sure which model you have, contact our customer service team and we will confirm whether or not we can calibrate it for you.

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Our exceptional customer service

Please contact our customer service team at Pulsar Instruments with any questions about our noise and vibration meter recalibration and service.

We will send you a reminder one month before your recalibration due date to allow you plenty of time to plan for the return of your equipment to us. We will also provide you with a free quotation for any faults found during the service before the work is carried out.

We can collect your equipment from you, send a quotation or pro-forma invoice, carry out the service and have your noise measurement kit back to you in a time frame that suits you. A priority service is available on request.

You can read about some of our customers’ experiences here.

To book your noise meter recalibration or to ask for further information
please contact our customer service team on +44 (0)1723 339715 or complete our contact form.

How to pay

We accept payment by credit card over the telephone.

Or you can pay for some recalibration services online.

We can also arrange a pro-forma invoice.

Instrument beyond repair?

Ask us about trading in your old noise equipment for our new range of professional sound level meters, and personal noise dosemeters.