Pulsar SafeEar noise activated warning sign


PulsarSafeEar is an innovative wall-mounted noise activated warning sign that flashes a warning when noise levels become too high and hearing protection must be worn or in quiet environments when noise levels must be kept down. Suitable for constant noise measurement of safe noise levels.    

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PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign is perfect for use in factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs to alert in real time when ambient noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign will inform employees when Personal Protective Equipment is required and also when it can be safely removed.

The PulsarSafeEar can also be used in quiet locations such as classrooms/exam rooms, corridors, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down. By setting the PulsarSafeEar to trigger at a low level ensures that noise levels in quiet environments stay within acceptable levels.

The boards can be daisy-chained and showing alert messages in various languages to cater for a workforce made up of a diverse ethnic mix.

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  • Lights up when a pre-set noise level is exceeded
  • Quick & simple to install
  • Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114(dB)A
  • Alerts both staff and visitors to noise issues
  • Adjustable, high-intensity white LED technology for high visual impact and long operating life
  • The boards can be daisy-chained via a Master and Remote units to cover larger areas
  • Alert messages are available in various languages to cater for a workforce made up of a diverse ethnic mix.
  • Four standards warnings to cover all applications
  • Custom design options for other graphics and text are available.


  • Suitable for both quiet and noisy environments
  • Perfect for construction sites, factories, pubs and nightclubs, and in hospitals, schools, universities, and libraries

PulsarSafeEar reporting software

Noise Level Measurement

The PulsarSafeEar can be upgraded to become a data logging noise level measurement unit by adding the USB software. This simply plugs into the the PulsarSafeEar and can record noise levels over long periods of time. The Data Logger can be programmed to start recording at a specific time and date and run, for example, over an 8 hour shift.

When plugged into a PC the software will display a graph of the recorded noise levels and allow the data to be printed, exported and annotated for reference."


The PulsarSafeEar is also available with additional remote display units which are controlled by the Master Unit to inform you of safe noise levels in the workplace. A simple cable from the Master Unit can control up to 3 Remote Units by daisy-chaining them together so that a wide area can be covered.

ATB Lawrence-Scott
We have a test area where the noise is occasionally above 84dB. As such, we need to warn staff and visitors alike before they enter the building of the potential danger. We looked at the Pulsar SafeEar and thought it was ideal for our purpose. We decided to locate the master board at the entrance of our test bed. The sign was easy to install and easy to set up. The Pulsar SafeEar noise activated warning sign is benefiting the people who are operating and visiting this area, advising and warning them to the potential exposure to noise. We are happy to recommend this product to other customers with similar noise measurement needs.
Chesterfield College of FE
Chesterfield College of FE has become the first in education to install a noise-activated warning device by Pulsar in their workshops. Paul Lowry, health and safety officer at Chesterfield College, said: "Until now, we have had to rely on random noise testings in areas such as auto workshops, engineering, silversmith and brick workshops. But PulsarSafeEar is really simple, accurate and visual. As soon as noise levels in the workshop goes over the legal limit, the sign flashes on the wall and teachers and students can immediately see they need to wear protection."We see the PulsarSafeEar as a teaching aid for learners. They plan to pull this device into the lesson to make the point about variable noise and when protection is and isn't needed." Shaun Smith is a team leader and engineering technician at the college. He said: "We have installed two units in our vehicle refinishing shop. The design is really eye-catching and easy to use. The students notice when it lights up and they can see how a sharp noise is as damaging as a prolonged sound."

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