Classroom noise monitor - noise warning sign

Classroom noise monitorSHH! Quiet .. Classroom noise monitor helps teachers control the noise in their classroom

SHHH! Quiet ...  Pulsar's noise activated warning sign is a highly visual noise-activated device from leading noise measurement equipment manufacturer Pulsar Instruments.   It has been designed in the UK for use as a classroom noise monitor or any work settings where noise is an issue and needs to be controlled.

The premise behind the product is simple.  The round board, which can be mounted on a wall, is fitted with a microphone to detect ambient noise and flashes a visual warning and message when noise levels are exceeded.

The sign retails under the brand name of Pulsar SafeEar.  It lets the user select and set a trigger level that can be adapted to the range of activities undertaken or the venue where it is used. It can be set as low as 40dB (decibels) suitable for a library environment or as high as 114dB (decibels) which can be experienced in a noisy workshop or corridors. The warning can be set to show continuously for a few seconds or to flash at various intervals depending on preference and urgency.  The brightness can be adjusted also to modulate the visual impact.

Versatile and extendable noise-activated warning

Pulsar's noise activated sign can be extended by linking additional display units to the master board so that an area of up to 30 metres can be covered.  This is particularly useful in school corridors leading to a main classroom or exam room for example.

Finally, there is an option to purchase a data logger and USB software to record noise levels over long periods of time, and produce a graph of the recording.  All data collected can be printed, exported and annotated for reference.  This is a useful record to keep as part of a health and safety strategy or to monitor classroom noise.

Fantastic visual warning sign to alert teachers

PulsarSafeEar SHHH! Quiet.. Classroom noise monitor sign is a fantastic, easy to use tool for teachers, exam invigilators and other staff who want to control the noise in an educational environment.  The sign is available in 4 standard designs as shown below:

Classroom noise monitor

  • Hearing Protection               MUST BE WORN
  • WARNING                           High Noise Levels
  • CAUTION                            High Sound Levels
  • SHHH!                                Quiet Zone

The PulsarSafeEar can be purchased online from Pulsar Instruments plc or by contacting us directly

PulsarSafeEar noise-activated sign is also perfect for use in hospitals, factories, pubs, nightclubs.

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