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YouTube Videos showcasing the Noise Activated Sound Monitor. Check it out!

sound monitor - Pulsar SafeEar noise activated warning signPulsar Instruments, the leading UK manufacturing company of noise measurement equipment for safety professionals, has launched two new videos on YouTube today explaining in detail the features, functions and benefits of its latest sound monitor product: PulsarSafeEar - noise activated warning sign.

The videos succeed in answering the most common questions related to the sound monitoring device including: what is the PulsarSafeEar?  Which location in the workplace will get the best benefit from it? and how to set it up?  The videos also demonstrate the data-logging software and shows how to produce graphs of recorded noise levels.

"One of the most popular questions we get asked is, ‘is the PulsarSafeEar difficult to set up and use?' said John Hughes, International Sales Manager.   This is because some types of sound monitor on the market can be complex and may require lengthy training. Also, they can be expensive to purchase. The videos show how easy the PulsarSafeEar is to use and to install.  It also demonstrates that it is a very visual and an efficient way to warn staff and visitors about excessive noise levels. It is suitable for use in both noisy and quiet environments.  Anyone purchasing a PulsarSafeEar can be up and running in no time and ready to download their first noise readings in a few simple steps.

The videos can be found both on YouTube as follows:-

Video No 1: 'Monitoring workplace noise levels with PulsarSafeEar Noise Activated Warning System'

Video No 2: 'Setting Up The PulsarSafeEar Noise Activated Warning System Software'

About Pulsar Instruments plc

Pulsar Instruments deliver noise measurement solutions to businesses in industries such as public services, emergency services, transportation, construction and many more.  Pulsar Instruments has well over 30 distributors around the world.  

For more information on Pulsar range of noise monitoring products such sound level meters, noise meters, noise dosimeters and the PulsarSafeEar, simply visit the company's website.

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