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Acoustic Calibrators – Class 2
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Acoustic Calibrators – Class 2

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£295.00 (Ex. VAT/GST)

Pulsar Instruments’ Class 2 acoustic calibrator with EU Type Approval.

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  • Quickly check the accuracy of your sound level meter, dosemeter or other instruments
  • Make sure your measurements are compliant
  • Use to field calibrate your sound level meters and noise dosemeters to 94 dB at 1kHz
  • Delivery Time | 2-3 days
  • Warranty | Extended 7-year warranty
  • Calibration | 12-months
  • Software | License-free software included
  • Shipping | Worldwide

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Acoustic Calibrator Models 105 (Class 1) and Model 106 (Class 2) have been tested and formally EU Pattern Approved by the PTB (under certificate PTB-1.61.4034842), as meeting all of the requirements of the latest International standard, IEC 60942: 2003 (equivalent to ANSI/ASA S1.40-2006). This version of the IEC international standard is far more stringent than previous versions and so far very few manufacturers have managed to meet it. The two models are intended to field calibrate (that is set the sensitivity), of any properly approved noise meter that uses a standard measurement microphone.

To ensure your noise measurements are legally compliant with Noise Regulations you MUST field calibrate your sound level meter before and after taking your measurements; most noise-related regulations stipulate that the noise meter or noise dosemeter is calibrated before each acoustic calibration session and checked again before turning the instrument off.  In fact, noise measurements made for ‘official’ use, such as industrial health & safety or environmental monitoring, are not valid unless correct calibration procedures have been followed.

Both the Models 105 (Class 1 acoustic calibrator) and Model 106 (Class 2 acoustic calibrator) give a standardised 1kHz tone for sound level calibration (calibration level) – the frequency where all weighting networks are the same, at a pressure of 1 Pascal which is a sound level of 94 decibels. They have sensors to correct for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and battery voltage so that they remain stable and accurate under almost any conditions where they are likely to be used.

  • The units are simple to operate and meet the requirements of the latest IEC 60942:2003 standard for Class 1 and Class 2 Calibrators
    • Model 105 sound level calibrator complies fully with Class 1 – the precision class, meeting the requirements of Class 1 sound level meters.
    • Model 106 complies fully with Class 2, meeting the requirements for the calibration of industrial Class 2 sound level meters used in almost all Health and Safety applications.
  • We have taken great care during the design process to ensure that the units are comfortable to hold, robust and easy to used, whilst performing accurately throughout a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions.
  • The calibrators are powered by an easy-to-access single 9-volt battery giving many months or even years of operation. An automatic shut-off circuit ensures power conservation should you forget to switch off the unit.

A separate Model 108 Class 2 field calibrator specifically made for use with the Pulsar NoisePen personal noise dosimeter is also available. It gives a standardised tone at 114dB. The NoisePen also accepts the Model 106.

Applications / Features

  • Advanced performance ensures that both models meet or exceed IEC 60942 accuracy requirements
  • Full PTB pattern approval awarded on both models
  • Ergonomic and robust design ensures comfortable use
  • Auto-correction for temperature and barometric pressure
  • Auto switch off in normal mode and ‘permanent-on’ mode available
  • 94dB Sound Pressure Level
  • Fits ½ inch international standard microphones
  • ¼ inch adaptor available
  • Calibration certificate included
  • 12 months’ warranty extendable to 7 years
  • Acoustic Calibration of noise meters and dosemeters

Software / Accessories

Models 105 and 106

Whilst both the Model 105 and Model 106 can be ordered separately, they are most often supplied as part of a noise measurement kit. The Model 105 for a Class 1 noise measurement kit and the Model 106 for a Class 2 noise measurement kit.

Each Sound Level Calibrator is supplied with the following:
  • User manual
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Battery (9V)
  • 12 months warranty extendable to 7 years*

* To qualify for the 7-year warranty, you will need to send your Calibrator back to us annually for service and recalibration whereupon the warranty is extended for a further 12 months for up to 7 years.


Pulsar Model 105 & 106 datasheet – ENGLISH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Model 105 & 106 datasheet – FRENCH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Model 105 & 106 datasheet – GERMAN

Download Now (PDF)

Ptb certificate for acoustic calibrator

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Model 105 & 106 datasheet – ITALIAN

Download Now (PDF)

1 review for Acoustic Calibrators – Class 2

  1. Environoise Consulting Limited

    We contacted Pulsar Instruments looking for an Acoustic Calibrator for our acoustic consultancy. The unit was dispatched the same day we placed his order. ‘Thank you for being so efficient! I appreciate it’.

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7-Year Warranty
7-Year Warranty

We focus on customer care, providing great support, advice and assistance.

Rated 5 Stars
Rated 5 Stars

Pulsar Instruments are highly recommended and trusted by our customers.

Free UK Shipping
Free UK Shipping

Free next-day despatch on all orders placed before 12 pm.

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