NoisePen Dosemeter - Personal Sound Exposure Meter


Capture, record and calculate workers' noise exposure easily for over 30 hours with our innovative NoisePen Dosemeter - a personal sound exposure meter (PSEM). The NoisePen has no cables, displays or controls, and needs no separate charger or reader unit, making it simple to use and the perfect solution for monitoring Noise at Work over a whole day or week especially for shift workers, lone workers, confined-space workers and people working in remote areas. The NoisePen noise dosemeter is fully compliant with noise measurement standards. 

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Great value, self-contained personal noise dosemeter for compliance with occupational noise regulations. You can capture, record and calculate noise exposure data with this new innovation for over 30 hours. Just choose how many you want, the more you buy the more you save. This simple to use noise dosimeter measures all the noise parameters you need for legally compliant noise monitoring. The NoisePen has no cables, displays or controls. No separate charger or reader unit is needed, making it the perfect solution for personal noise measurement for shift workers, lone workers, confined space workers and people working in remote areas. Several different mounting options are available.

Save time and money too with this innovative device; just choose how many you want, the more you buy the more you save! Contact us directly for quotes of 6 or more NoisePens to get a discount. 

This personal sound exposure meter (PSEM) is a self-contained noise monitor ideally suited for workers ‘on the go’.  The NoisePen does not require a Charger or Reader Unit – all interactions are done via USB to a PC and our analysis and reporting software Pulsar AnalyzerPlus.

  • All programming and key functions such as start-stop, set up and configuration of the device, download, view and store measurements are performed prior to or on completion of field measurements via the software Pulsar AnalyzerPlus. 
  • The calibration of the NoisePen is also undertaken prior to taking a measurement with its acoustic calibrator and verified and logged via the software.  The same process is carried out on return of the unit to your office.
  • Using the powerful AnalyzerPlus software, it is possible to schedule a timed measurement at a date and time of your choice. Conveniently, you can also repeat a selected pattern over a period of 7 days without having to reset the NoisePen.
  • Pulsar AnalyzerPlus software will provide a full map of ‘Time History’ information to help you determine when key noise problems occur during a worker's day.
  • All the data essential to meet compliance with occupational noise regulations is also available to view from the reporting facility such as: LAeq, LEP,d, % Dose and TWA. 
  • The additional ‘C’ weighted peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the workplace.

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Noise Dosemeter Features

  • Portable, accurate and easy to use
  • Designed to capture individual exposure to noise for over 30 hours
  • Ideal for lone workers, shift workers, those operating in several locations or in confined spaces
  • Meets IEC 61252:1993 and ANSI S1.25:1991 standards
  • Accurate measurements over a large dynamic range 70-140dB(A)
  • Measurements can be scheduled for up to 28 days into the future
  • No reader or charger required - fully operational via USB to a PC
  • Set up, start, stop, download and report processes via Pulsar AnalyzerPlus software
  • Rechargeable in less than 4 hours
  • Multiple wearable mounting options


Wearable device ideal for:

  • Compliance with worldwide occupational or industrial Noise Regulations (UK, EU, OSHA, MSHA)
  • Noise at work
  • Industrial hygiene

Typical use is for employees who are exposed to different noisy machinery over a working day, those working alone, in vehicle cabins, those in difficult to reach environments (in factories, warehousing), or involved in shift work or with un-predictable work patterns.

Pulsar NoisePen reporting software

The NoisePen personal noise exposure dosemeter from Pulsar Instruments is supplied with the AnalyzerPlus software program as standard. To assist new users, we have produced a NoisePen video to take you through the main settings and functionality of the software.  

We recommend that you test the software a few times with your PC once you take ownership of your noise measurement device before you go ahead with any formal noise exposure measurements.

Each Pulsar NoisePen measurement system is supplied with everything you need to conduct a fully compliant assessment of noise exposure of an individual worker. 

  • Model 26 NoisePen sound exposure meter & mini windshield (weight 82g)
  • Mounting options (see below)
  • Power supply
  • Pulsar AnalyzerPlus analysis and reporting software
  • USB download cable
  • Calibration certificates for the NoisePen and Acoustic Calibrator
  • User manuals
  • 12 months warranty extendable to 7 years*

* To qualify for the 7 year warranty, you will to send your Pulsar NoisePen back to us annually for service and recalibration where upon the warranty is extended for a further 12 months for up to 7 years. 

We offer a number of different mounting options for the NoisePen to suit your work environment:

  • NP1 Pocket Clip supplied as standard
  • NP2 Leather Strap Option
  • NP3 Velcro Strap Option 50cm long
  • NP4 Vertical Strap Option

Additional accessories

Why not add an acoustic calibrator too so you can make sure your noise measurements remain compliant. 

You can also get a lightweight carry case to protect your valuable noise dosemeters.

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David Hodgson
We bought two NoisePen units to check how much noise our employees had on our construction sites. We wanted something that was dead easy to use but our workers couldn't mess about with. Because of the kinds of work we do we can't have cables or anything hanging about so these are great. We were shown how to use the software and just plug the NoisePen into a laptop on site. HSE inspector was impressed too.
Peter Tignini
As a noise consultant, I often have to assess the noise exposure of employees in factories and industrial sites. Sometimes this is over just one shift but I also need to do it over a working week for some industries. The NoisePen is great for this because it measures noise dose for a whole week without the need to download measurements and reset in between - this makes things more efficient for me as I can leave the noispen with an operator on a monday for example and pick up on a friday. I like it too because the noisepen itself is it - there's no additional chargers or readers needed. All in all a real gem of a product that makes my job a heck of a lot easier.

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