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Pulsar Instruments kickstart the new year with win in Cyprus

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Pulsar Instruments kickstart the new year with win in Cyprus

By: Robert Dunn

Yorkshire based noise measurement experts Pulsar Instruments have kickstarted the new year by winning a valuable EU contract worth £100k despite new challenges due to Brexit. 

The tender, which saw Pulsar face stiff competition from eight other suppliers, including bidders from EU countries, required the supply of class one sound level meters that had PTB[1] approval and came with UKAS[2] certification for the Cypriot municipalities. Alongside this, the tender required onsite operator training and continual yearly UKAS calibration for the next five years. 

Each municipality chose the number of sound level meters they required. These devices will be used across a range of applications to help measure and manage localised noise issues. 

An additional positive that worked in Pulsar’s favour, other than the high standard of certification for their noise solutions and their ability to calibrate to UKAS standards, was their seven-year warranty. This gave the Cyprus government confidence in the product and meant they could accurately budget for any future costs knowing that most issues would be covered under warranty. 

Simon Rehill, General Manager at Pulsar Instruments said, “Despite the UK leaving the EU, we’ve been able to prove that the quality of our instruments overrides any concerns that our customers may have had surrounding Brexit. 

“There were 8 companies that who tendered for this deal, but the combination of cost, warranty, UKAS accreditation, and service, along with the quality of the proposed training all combined to help Pulsar and Group Science come out on top. 

“For more than 50 years we have provided noise measurement equipment to companies around the world, and this newest deal is a testament not only to the hard work of the Pulsar team, but also the high-standard of Pulsar products.” 

The tender will be delivered in two phases. The first phase is around £80k worth of sound level meters and calibration worth an additional £13k. An additional 10 units worth around £41k will be sent in phase 2. 

Dr George Charalampopoulos from Group Science (based in Greece), who placed the bid with Pulsar’s help, has a PhD in Acoustics from the National Technical University of Athens, and will be delivering most of the onsite training. 

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T: +44 1723 339715 

E: sales@pulsarinstruments.com  

More information

[1]  Verified by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) as meeting some of the highest measurement standards in Europe. Find out more here https://www.ptb.de/cms/en/metrological-services/kbs/kbs4.html  

[2] UKAS Calibration refers to calibration that is undertaken in a laboratory that has been independently audited and accredited to carry out the work. 

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