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Individual Shoulder-Mounted Noise Dosemeter (Model 22) zoom


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Individual Shoulder-Mounted Noise Dosemeter (Model 22)
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Ex-Demo 5-badge NoiseBadge Kit

£2,408.80 (Ex. VAT/GST)

In stock now, we currently have this Ex-Demo NoiseBadge – Personal Noise Dosemeter Kit which includes 5 NoiseBadges.


  • Self-contained noise measurement device and decibel reader
  • Easy to use. No cables, displays or controls
  • Compact, robust and lightweight
  • Meets IEC 61252 & ANSI S1.25 for noise dosemeters
  • Accurately and simply assesses and captures the true noise exposure of workers


  • Occupational noise at work and industrial hygiene noise measurements
  • The perfect solution for personal noise measurement for people on the move, shift workers, lone workers and people working in remote areas.

£2,408.80 (Ex. VAT/GST)

Out of stock


Simply and accurately assess and capture noise dose and the true noise exposure of workers using the Pulsar NoiseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter System. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that employers should obtain a reliable estimate of employees’ exposures, and compare the exposure with the exposure action values and limit values. This dosimeter badge system is just the device to do this.

  • The revolutionary dosimeter badge is a self-contained noise measurement device, also known as Personal Sound Exposure Meter (PSEM), that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the perfect solution for noise dosimetry, because units cannot be tampered with easily or damaged during measurements.
  • A separate Decibel Reader unit communicates with the dosemeters and controls the programming, calibration, start-stopping, data logging, downloading and storing of measurements. All key measurement parameters can be viewed on its large clear backlit LCD display screen, which also displays a time history graph of worker’s daily noise exposure over an entire working day.
  • The Reader contains an integral acoustic calibrator allowing the dosemeter to be calibrated prior to and following each noise measurement in accordance with international regulations; the dosemeter automatically achieves this by computing the Daily Exposure for European legislation or the Time Weighted Average for US-based legislation.
  • Full ‘Time History’ information allows you to determine when key noise problems occur during a worker’s day.
  • Collect all the data essential to meet compliance with occupational noise regulations at the touch of a button including LAeq, LEP,d, % Dose and TWA. 
  • Frequency weightings include ‘A’ weighted (range 70dB(A) to 130dB(A)). The additional ‘C’ frequency weighted peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the workplace.
  • Our effective, user-friendly software package, AnalyzerPlus, allows users to quickly analyse and transform the raw data into informative report formats, simplifying a potentially complex and time-consuming process.

Watch the video and find out how easy the Model 22 Pulsar NoiseBadge is to use.

Applications / Features


Everything you need for compliance with occupational noise regulations supplied in one user-friendly package:

  • Compact, extremely robust and lightweight
  • Portable, accurate and easy to use
  • No cables or controls, reducing the risk of damage, misuse or tampering.
  • Meets International Standard IEC 61252:1997 for Personal Sound Exposure Meters & ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters
  • Meets EN 61000-6-3 (2007), EN61000-6-1 (2007) EMC generic emission and immunity standards for residential, commercial and light industrial environments
  • The ideal system for compliant assessment of workers’ industrial noise exposures
  • Unique size and shape, innovative functional design
  • Programmable for compliance with most worldwide regulations
  • ‘Shake-to-wake’ function of dosemeters to extend battery life and operating time.
  • Ergonomic Decibel Reader Unit with Integral Acoustic Calibrator
  • Infra-red communication between Reader Unit and dosemeters
  • Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery
  • Outstanding Analysis & Reporting software supplied as standard (licence-free)
  • 7-year warranty*
  • Intrinsically safe dosemeter available on special request.


  • Ideal for lone workers, shift workers or those operating in several locations
  • Suitable where people are working with moving machinery, or in difficult to reach areas

Typical industries where the Model 22 Pulsar NoiseBadge is used include:

Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity), Local Authority & Government, Shipping, Entertainment & Leisure, Education & Higher Learning, Highway Maintenance, Haulage & Transport, Rail, Agriculture, Aviation, Public Transport, Emergency Services (Hospitals, Fire, Police), Chemical, Open Cast Mining, Printing and Catering.

*2-year warranty extendable to 7 years with annual recalibration and service.

Technical Spec


Applicable Standards

Model 22 NoiseBadge Dosemeter Measurement System

IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters

ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Model 22-R Reader Unit

Internal Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2001 Class 2


Measurement Range (Typical)

70dB(A) to 130dB(A) RMS

120dB(C) to 140dB(C) Peak

Measurement Functions

  • Dosemeter Configuration
  • Calibration Record
  • Measurement Duration
  • Highest Peak(C) Sound Level
  • Overload Exceedence
  • Battery Status
  • 115dB(A) Maximum Sound Level Exceedence

One-Minute Time History of:

  • LAeq (3dB) or LAVG (4dB or 5dB)
  • Peak(C) Level
  • Battery Level

For 3dB Exchange Rate

  • LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure (Pa2h),
  • Estimated % Dose,
  • Estimated Exposure (Pa2h)

For 4dB & 5dB Exchange Rates

  • LAVG, TWA, % Dose, Estimated % Dose



‘A’ for all RMS measurements.

‘C’ for Peak Sound Pressure


Dosemeter Configuration

Independent User Configuration of:

Exchange Rate: 3dB, 4dB or 5dB

Criterion Level: 80dB, 85dB, 87dB, 90dB

Criterion Time: 8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, 18hrs

Threshold: None, 80dB, 85dB, 90dB

Time Weighting: None, ‘S’ (Slow)


The Model 22-R Reader Unit can store the following measurement data:

Up to 93 measurement of 8 hours duration

Up to 64 measurements of 12 hours duration

Up to 33 measurements of 24 hours duration


Internal NiMH Battery with intelligent charging system

Model 22-R Reader

2 x AA/LR6 with Auto Power Switch Off

Chargers Units

PS22 Mains Power Supply



Model 22 Dosemeter Measurement System

Infrared to Model 22-R Reader Unit

Model 22-R Reader

USB 2.0 (which also provides power to the 22-R Reader)



Microphone Apex Ø13.0mm, Base Ø47mm, Height 38mm


Model 22 doseBadge 45gms (1.6oz)

Model 22-R Reader 400gms (14oz)


Operating Temperature -10oC to +50oC

Storage Temperature -20oC to +60oC

Humidity up to 95% RH Non-Condensing



AnalyzerPlus supplied as standard


Ordering Codes

The Model 22 Dosemeter System can be provided as a complete

measurement system with the following order codes:

Model 22-1 Dosemeter Measurement System with 1 dosemeter

Model 22-2 Dosemeter Measurement System with 2 dosemeters

Model 22-5 Dosemeter Measurement System with 5 dosemeters

Model 22-10 Dosemeter Measurement System with 10 dosemeters

The measurement kits contain the Model 22 dosemeters units and fixing mounts, a Model 22-R Reader Unit, CHR22 Charger Unit (where X = 2,5 or 10), PS 22 Power Supply, K3 Hard Attache Case, USB Cable, Software, Batteries, User Manuals & Certificates of Calibration.


The Model 22 Dosemeter systems are supplied with a

24 month warranty.


Software / Accessories

Pulsar Software

The Model 22 NoiseBadge system is supplied as standard with our easy to use AnalyzerPlus program. To assist new users, a step by step wizard reassuringly guides you throughout the set-up and download procedures and allows measurement data to be viewed, analysed and printed.

Pre-formatted report templates are provided to present your measurement data. These reports can be printed or exported into a number of formats including Word, Excel and PDF.

The fact that AnalyzerPlus have no licensing restrictions means the user is able to install the software onto multiple computers and laptops eliminating hidden costs and optimising user flexibility.


Each noise dosemeter system is supplied with everything required to conduct a fully compliant noise survey.

Contained in each system is the:

  • Model 22 NoiseBadge noise dosimeter(s) & leather mounting kit(s)
  • Model 22-R Reader unit with integral acoustic calibrator
  • Charger unit for 2, 5 or 10 dosebadges
  • Hard attaché Case
  • Power supply
  • AnalyzerPlus Licence-free analysis and reporting software
  • Batteries
  • USB download cable
  • Calibration certificates
  • User manual
  • 7-year warranty

Optional Accessories:

  • WS22 protective windshields to protect against dust, moisture and noise generated by ‘spurious’ events
  • RK1 Key-fob remote control
  • Helmet mounts


  • Model 22 noise dosemeter: 45gms (1.6oz)
  • Model 22-R Reader: 400gms (14oz)

Why not combine the Pulsar Model 22 NoiseBadge System with a Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Calibrator?

The hard kit case supplied for your dosemeter system has space for 5 individual dosemeters along with all of the standard accessories.

The dosemeter system kit case allows enough space for any combination of our Sound Level Meters such as the Pulsar Nova Model 44 Noise at Work Meter, an Acoustic Calibrator and a windshield. This allows the dosemeter kit to be transformed and adapted into a Safety Professional kit to provide you with a complete noise monitoring solution.


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7-Year Warranty
7-Year Warranty

We focus on customer care, providing great support, advice and assistance.

Rated 5 Stars
Rated 5 Stars

Pulsar Instruments are highly recommended and trusted by our customers.

Free UK Shipping
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Free next-day despatch on all orders placed before 12 pm.

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