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Noise at Work Sound Level Meter
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Noise at Work Sound Level Meter – Nova Class 1

(6 customer reviews)

From £2,176.00 (Ex. VAT/GST)

A Class 1 noise at work sound level meter. A high-performance integrating averaging sound level meter ideal for occupational noise and industrial noise assessments. Carry out noise at work risk assessments and assess noise exposure levels with ease. Compliant with IEC 61672-1:2013.


  • Integrating averaging sound level meter
  • Leq, Peak and C-A (for hearing protection calculation)
  • Pause & back erase function
  • 20 dB(A) to 140 dB(A) & 143 dB(C) range
  • Data Logging as standard (online offer only)
  • Delivery Time | 2-3 days
  • Warranty | Extended 7-year warranty
  • Calibration | 12-months
  • Software | License-free software included
  • Shipping | Worldwide

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Pulsar Nova Customers

Pulsar Nova Noise at Work Sound Level Meter (Class 1)

Carry out noise at work risk assessments and assess noise exposure level with ease for compliance with the noise action levels and the exposure limit set out in the Noise Regulations. Get compliant noise measurement reports in three easy steps with the Pulsar Nova: Calibrate, Measure, Report.

The Model 43 (Class 1)  integrating sound level meters take compliant noise level measurements under the Noise at Work Regulations and include everything you need for Noise at Work assessments including simultaneous measurement key noise parameters. These high-performance but simple-to-use meters also include data logging and our outstanding license-free AnalyzerPlus software, this allows you to download your noise measurement data for analysis and to create a variety of compliant reports for your working environment.

  • Decibel meter with simple keypad operation.
  • Simultaneous measurement of all key noise measurement parameters means that it’s easier to use
  • Stronger. Made with a durable metal case so it is hard-wearing
  • Compliant. Meets IEC 61672-1:2013 and the needs of Noise at Work regulations.
  • Longer. 30-hour battery life so you stay productive
  • Ideal for most applications including work noise, Industrial Hygiene, Construction, and Entertainment noise measurement.

The Nova Range differs from other meters, as they offer you the unique opportunity to add features now or later so that your sound level meter will always be suitable for your needs.

Watch the video to find out more.

Applications / Features


All of the features of the Pulsar Nova Model 41 and 42 Sound Level Meter with the addition of:

  • High-resolution TFT display – see your data in all conditions
  • Calibration prompt for compliant accurate measurements
  • Simultaneous measurement of all key noise parameters
  • Data Logging. Transforms measurement data into compliant noise measurement reports within 2 clicks of a mouse.
  • Leq, Peak and C-A for the HML method of hearing protection calculation
  • Pause & back erase function
  • 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C) dynamic measurement range
  • Time weighting (F, S & I – fast, slow and impulse), frequency weighting (A, C and Z)
  • Colour coding for measurement status.

In addition, you can add further features such as 1:1 Octave band filters and Ln values to your dB meter now or later.

  • Noise at work: noise risk assessments and assessing noise exposure level (for compliance with the noise action levels and the exposure limit in the Noise Regulations)
  • Occupational & industrial hygiene
  • Construction noise measurement
  • Machinery noise testing
  • Entertainment noise measurement
Applicable standards
  • IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 or Class 2, Group X
  • IEC 60651:2001 Type 1 I or Type 2 I
  • IEC 60804:2000 Type 1 or Type 2
  • IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • ANSI S1.4 – 1983 (R2006), ANSI S1.43 – 1997 (R2007)
  • ANSI S1.25:1991
  • 1:1 Octave Band Filters to IEC 61620 & ANSI S1.11-2004

Software / Accessories

Sound Level Meter software

The Pulsar Nova ‘AnalyzerPlus’ software package is supplied with all instruments and is used to configure your decibel meter as well as enable you to create compliant health and safety reports with ease.

The Model 43 (Class 1) and Model 44 (Class 2) Noise at Work Sound Level Meters comes supplied with:
  • 1-year warranty (extendable to 7 years*)
  • User manual
  • Valid calibration certificate
  • AA Batteries (6)
  • Wrist strap
  • ‘AnalyzerPlus’ – Pulsar download analysis and reporting software
  • USB small download cable

* To qualify for the 7-year warranty, you will need to send your Pulsar Nova sound level meter back to us annually for recalibration and service whereupon the warranty is extended for a further 12 months for up to 7 years.

Also available as a noise measurement kit containing:
  • Model 43 (Class 1) or Model 44 (Class 2) sound pressure level meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) or Model 106 (Class 2) Acoustic Calibrator (depending on which sound level meter you choose)
  • Windshield
  • Hard Kit Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • AA batteries
  • Calibration Certificates for the sound level meter and acoustic calibrator and user manual
  • Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ download, analysis and reporting software (with data logging variants only)
  • USB small download cable (with data logging variants only)

An outdoor kit can be supplied for the Nova sound level meters as an additional option converting it into a weatherproof outdoor noise monitoring centre.

The Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters can be supplied with a number of input and output cables.


Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – ENGLISH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – GERMAN

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – FRENCH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – FINNISH

Download Now (PDF)

6 reviews for Noise at Work Sound Level Meter – Nova Class 1

  1. James Durrans Group

    I would like to commend “Pulsar Instruments” on the excellent and timely service we at James Durrans have received. Since we first purchased our noise monitoring equipment in 2013, then subsequent upgrade of our Model 44 sound level meter, and calibration service is quick, reliable and efficient collecting and returning by courier [for an additional cost but worthwhile.] The equipment is sturdy and easily understood, and you don’t need to be a computer whiz to operate the software.
    J Durrans – Health & Safety Manager, December 2015

  2. DHL

    I purchased my noise meter last year from Pulsar Instruments and has proven to be an excellent tool. As it was coming close to its first year anniversary, I received a reminder in the post that it would need its annual calibration check with more than sufficient notice. The instructions for returning my meter were very simple and it was duly sent away. My noise meter was returned very quickly and without any problems. Overall I cannot fault the service I have received from Pulsar.
    Health & Safety Manager – DHL, December 2015

  3. Sidhill Ltd

    Sidhil Ltd is a well established manufacturer and supplier of furniture and accessories for the healthcare market. The company has 7 sites across the UK where fabrication takes place. The HR and HS Manager was keen to take control of the noise risk assessment process and undertake noise measurements at a time to suit her requirements. When it came to invest in a new piece of noise measurement equipment, she chose the Pulsar Nova Model 44K professional noise measurement kit. “We were impressed with the product presentation and, clearly, it was the right solution to help us carry our internal audits and comply with the Noise at Work Regulations”.

  4. Charles Wilson Engineers Limited

    We made the decision to purchase one of Pulsar Instruments Nova Model 44 Class 2 test meters with data logging a very easy one indeed. The sales advice I received was truly excellent. You really felt that there was someone at the end of the telephone who understood our requirements and had the correct product to satisfy them. The Nova noise meter is a brilliantly engineered piece of equipment that is very easy to use and it interfaces superbly with the excellent data logging software.

  5. Donwell Group

    Working for a demolition company, we are requested to carry out environmental monitoring more and more. I came across the Pulsar Instruments’ website and saw their product range so decided to find out more. I was asked a series of questions to assess which instrument was most suitable for my needs which turned out not to be the most expensive. After delivery, I was contacted to ask if there were any issues (which there weren’t). I did have a couple of questions once I started using the supplied software – which is great – my questions were answered immediately and explained in a way I could understand. Overall a 5 star rating for both the instrument itself and the service too.

    Testimonial from SHEQ Manager

  6. Lentus composites

    I have been most impressed with my dealings with Pulsar Instruments. From my very first call, where we discussed the merits of the various options you would be able to offer me, to the valuable insights you shared with me during your visit of my premises to understand exactly the nature of our business, and the specific challenges we face with regard to noise exposure in some of our processes. As a Manager with responsibility for the health and safety of my team, yet little experience in the noise monitoring field, finding and exploiting your knowledge and awareness has helped me to make a good choice for our business that will both keep my people safe, and ensure that the business remains compliant even as our processes and factory layouts evolve.

    I am delighted that I am now able to make my own assessments with a piece of equipment that I can trust, and one that will be recognised by industry professionals. You know from our discussions, that I have placed a high priority on being able to ensure that any reports I generate are able to stand up to even the most intense scrutiny, the integrity of your device clearly delivers this level of probity.

    I have been working my way through the software, and again I am finding it easy to understand and use despite my lack of experience. I particularly like being able to demonstrate that my instrument has been calibrated both before and after any monitoring period. Any reports saved directly as PDF’s cannot be challenged as having been corrupted either deliberately or accidentally.

    I am very much looking forward to attending the one day Noise Awareness Training course, and I hope to bring some questions that will help me to really get the best out of my new investment.

    Please convey my thanks to your staff for their efficient administration. I received the quotation I asked you for within an hour of you leaving for your long journey home, and I was kept fully briefed on progress, even providing a tracking number once the package had been despatched.

    All in all, a first class effort from everyone at Pulsar Instruments.

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Rated 5 Stars

Pulsar Instruments are highly recommended and trusted by our customers.

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