Calibrating and servicing noise measurement instruments is not a luxury

Why it makes sense to prolong the life of your investment

Why have your noise measurement instruments calibrated and serviced?

Pulsar Instruments Plc, the fastest growing manufacturer of noise measurement products in the world, is highlighting the importance of returning any precision instruments bought from them for regular calibration and servicing.

Buying a new noise measurement instrument is an investment.  As such, it is essential to have your Pulsar sound level meters, acoustic calibrators or personal noise dosemeters recalibrated regularly - ideally annually - to ensure that measurements remain accurate.  Sound level meters are subject to wear and tear which can affect the reliability of your measurements.  By returning your equipment to us to check it, you will preserve its accuracy and avoid any errors, especially if noise measurements taken at work need to stand up in a Court of Law.  Sending your instrument back to Pulsar, the original manufacturer, will ensure that it is thoroughly checked and any minor repairs attended to. In addition, our engineers will ensure that any software updates are installed and any upgraded components or consumables are replaced if required.  This will ensure that the level of performance of your equipment is maximised and that it complies with the requirements of the noise legislation.

Quality standards for peace of mind

Pulsar Instruments plc abide by strict quality standards such as ISO 9001, which is an assurance to any customer, of the quality of work undertaken and traceability of the service that is provided.

All recalibration tests for Pulsar's noise measurement instruments are performed in-house by dedicated and experienced test engineers.   Upon completion, each instrument is released with a Certificate of Calibration for audit trail which is valid for one year.  In addition, the warranty of each instrument extended for a further 12 months. Your certificate will bear the name of the standard against which your instrument has been tested, for example, IEC 61672:2002 for a sound level meter.

3 Steps Service and recalibration package

To enhance its customer service, Pulsar Instruments plc now offers a fast and efficient service to make the recalibration process as painless as possible.

The company provides a straightforward package for this service by

  • Collecting from the customer premises (UK customers only)
  • Recalibrating and servicing of all equipment in-house
  • Delivering all instrumentation back to the customer

Read more about the benefits of service and recalibration, or contact us for more information