NEW Pulsar Acoustic Toolbox Software

Software supplied as standard with all Model 33 and Model 30 Real-Time Sound Level Meters

Pulsar Instruments Plc have added to the already impressive capabilities of the Model 33 Real-Time Sound Level Meter with its new ‘Acoustic Toolbox’ analysis software which is supplied as standard with all Model 33 and Model 30 instruments.

The Model 33 is an instrument that meets the needs of even the most exacting user by offering a ‘World of Solutions’ from just one instrument.

The software allows the user to download their measurements and carry out detailed analysis of both stored and ‘live’ measurements in Broadband, 1:1 Octave Band and 1:3 Octave Band mode. Reverberation time measurements can also be analysed for room acoustics, industrial noise control, building insulation designs and building acoustic regulations.

The Model 33 offers huge flexibility for Industrial Noise, Environmental Noise and acoustic applications with the software facilitating in-depth analysis of your broadband, 1:1 Octave Band, 1:3 Octave Band and reverberation time measurements.

The Model 33 can also be used in conjunction with our Outdoor Measurement Kits for longer-term monitoring. For those needing a flexible semi-permanent monitoring option the NEW GSM system, when used in conjunction with the circular memory mode, provides the perfect solution. All of the above features are added to a practical instrument that measures 1:3 and 1:1 in real time across one very large dynamic span, whilst simultaneously measuring A,C and Z frequency weightings and Slow, Fast and Impulse time weightings. This gives the user the confidence to know that you won’t get overloads or under ranging measurements (especially in 1:1 or 1:3 Octave Band modes). You also benefit from the selection of the most suitable weightings both during any measurement and whilst post-processing the data.

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