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Sound Protection in Colleges

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Sound Protection in Colleges

By: Admin

Chesterfield College has become the first in education to install Pulsar New Noise Warning Sign

Sep 20, 2012

Chesterfield College of FE has become the first in education to install a new noise measurement device by Pulsar in their workshops.  The visual unit called PulsarSafeEar is manufactured by Pulsar Instruments plc and will enable safe teaching without ear protection but will give immediate warnings when ear muffs or ear defenders must be worn.

Paul Lowry, health and safety officer at Chesterfield College, said:  “Until now, we have had to rely on random noise testings in areas such as auto workshops, engineering, silversmith and brick workshops.  But PulsarSafeEar is really simple, accurate and visual.  As soon as noise levels in the workshop goes over the legal limit, the sign flashes on the wall and teachers and students can immediately see they need to wear protection.”

Lowry added that lecturers are really enthusiastic about the product:  “They see this as a teaching aid for learners.  They plan to pull this device into the lesson to make the point about variable noise and when protection is and isn’t needed.”

Shaun Smith is a team leader and engineering technician at the college.  He said:  “We have installed two units in our vehicle refinishing shop.  The design is really eye-catching and easy to use.  The students notice when it lights up and they can see how a sharp noise is as damaging as a prolonged sound.”

The product is made and marketed by innovative Filey-based company, Pulsar Instruments plc.  Sarah Brack, chief executive for Pulsar, said:  “PulsarSafeEar has been designed to help in areas where noise fluctuates a great deal and people can’t wear protection all the time. Like all good ideas and all Pulsar noise measurement products, it is very simple – flashing on the wall when noise reaches a pre-set level.  There is also interest for quiet locations such as hospitals, schools and libraries where noise needs to be kept down.  It eliminates a great deal of confusion and clumsy measuring.”

For further information about regulation for noise levels, the PulsarSafeEar and any other noise measurement equipment available on our website. 


Pulsar Instruments plc was founded in 1969 and has more than 43 years’ experience in noise measurement and monitoring in the workplace. 

With distributors in nearly 30 countries, a major export expansion is currently underway, funded 100% from internal resources and the company is on track for target sales of $1.4 million in 2013, double the 2009 figure.  Exports account for 75% of sales.

95% of all manufacturing is carried out in Pickering, North Yorkshire through an associate company, Contract Production Ltd.  In recent months, Pulsar Instruments have opened an office in Wisconsin, USA to run its American sales and support operations.

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