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Environmental Noise Meter – Pulsar Nova 45 (Class 1)
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Environmental Noise Meter – Pulsar Nova 45 (Class 1)

(3 customer reviews)

From: £2,792.00

The Premium Class 1 Environmental noise meter in the Pulsar Nova range (Model 45). Meets UK and EU regulations for noise assessments.



A high performance integrating averaging sound level meter with additional key features including:

  • Range 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C)
  • Real-time 1:1 Octave band filters
  • TWA/dose and Ln values
  • Data Logging and AnalyzerPlus software
  • Audio recording, Audio Note, and Automatic Timers


  • Ideal for compliant occupational, industrial, construction noise assessments and environmental noise pollution measurements.
  • Delivery Time | 2-3 days
  • Warranty | Extended 7-year warranty
  • Calibration | 12-months
  • Software | License-free software included
  • Shipping | Worldwide

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Free Noise at Work Ebook

Environmental Noise Pollution measurement at its best

The Pulsar Model 45 Environmental Noise Meter is an extremely accurate, reliable, handheld precision instrument that is especially suited to measuring noise pollution. It successfully combines the latest technology in noise measurement methods with ease of use and durability. It can also be used for measuring noise across many different applications: noise at work, construction, entertainment, environment and for measuring machinery and vehicle noise. Compliant with IEC 61672-1:2002.

  • The added features of this class 1 integrating averaging sound level meter include 1:1 Octave Band Filters, Audio Recording, Ln Values and Data logging.
  • Buy on its own as part of a complete noise measurement kit.
  • The meter also combines simplicity of use with the outstanding Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ reporting software (supplied as standard). This software allows you to effectively measure noise, store your measurements in the large internal memory and then effortlessly transform your measurements into final report formats.
  • The meter has a removable pre-amplifier which enables the instruments to be used with microphone extension cables. With the addition of an Outdoor Kit, this meter can also be transformed into a long term weatherproof environmental monitoring meter.
  • In December 2017, Pulsar Nova Model 45 was awarded regulatory type approval from the prestigious Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany.
For environmental applications:

The Model 45 successfully combines high performance with ease of use. It measures all the essential parameters simultaneously including Ln Values, TWA dose and includes 1:1 Octave band filters for octave band analysis as well as automatic timers for longer-term environmental monitoring. This meter is data logging as standard enabling you to download and analyse all your environmental measurements.

For noise at work applications:

The Model 45 is an ideal instrument for precision occupational noise measurement to ensure compliance with International Occupational Noise or Industrial Hygiene Noise Directives to be used as part of a company Health and Safety strategy. This model includes real-time 1:1 Octave band filters for the prescription of correct levels of hearing protection.

  • Model 45 Class 1 SPL A, C, Z (simultaneous measurement) frequency weighting F, S & I (simultaneous measurement) Time weighting
Watch the video to find out more about Pulsar Nova

Applications / Features

Features of the Model 45 Environmental Noise Level Meter

All of the features of the Pulsar Nova Class 1 Noise at work meter (Model 43) and more. Every feature listed below comes as standard:

  • AnalyzerPlus data-logging software
  • High resolution TFT Display – see the screen in all conditions
  • Calibration prompt for compliant accurate measurements
  • Takes measurements of all noise measurement parameters simultaneously
  • Leq, Peak and C-A
  • 20dB(A) to 140dB(A) & 143dB(C) dynamic measurement range
  • Pause & back erase function
  • Colour coding for measurement status
  • Manual audio record
  • Audio Note
  • Repeat Timer
  • Single Timer
  • TWA/dose
  • Ln Values
  • Real-Time 1:1 Octave Band filter Analysis across the frequency range of 31.5Hz to 16kHz
  • Compliant with International Standard IEC 61672-1:2013 for Class 1 sound level meters, and with the standards below
  • 1:1 Octave Band Filters to IEC 61260 & S1.11-2004
  • 12-month calibration certificate included as standard
  • Up to 7-year warranty
  • PTB type approved
Typical areas of noise pollution applications include:
  • Noise at work
  • Occupational & industrial hygiene
  • Environmental noise measurement
  • Boundary noise measurement
  • Manufacturing (machinery noise testing and maintenance)
  • Vehicle noise testing
  • Entertainment noise measurement
Applicable standards
  • IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 or Class 2, Group X
  • IEC 60651:2001 Type 1 I or Type 2 I
  • IEC 60804:2000 Type 1 or Type 2
  • IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • ANSI S1.4 – 1983 (R2006), ANSI S1.43 – 1997 (R2007)
  • ANSI S1.25:1991
  • 1:1 Octave Band Filters to IEC 61620 & ANSI S1.11-2004

Technical Spec


  • Class 1 – Model 41, Model 43, Model 45
  • Class 2 – Model 42, Model 44, Model 46

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 or Class 2, Group X
  • IEC 60651:2001 Type 1 I or Type 2 I
  • IEC 60804:2000 Type 1 or Type 2
  • IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • ANSI S1.4 -1983 (R2006), ANSI S1.43 – 1997 (R2007)
  • ANSI S1.25:1991
  • 1:1 Octave Band Filters to IEC 61260 & ANSI S1.11-2004



  • Class 1 PM1 pre-polarized
  • Class 2 PM2 pre-polarized

Microphone Preamplifier

  • PA40 Removable Preamplifier

Measurement Range

  • 20dB -140dB RMS Single Range (143dB peak)

Noise Floor

  • <18dB(A) Class 1, <21dB(A) Class 2

Time Weightings

  • ‘F’ (Fast), ‘S’ (Slow) & ‘I’ (Impulse) all measured simultaneously

Frequency Weightings

  • RMS & Peak: A, C, & Z (un-weighted) all measured simultaneously

Frequency Bands

  • 10 1:1 Octave Bands: 31.5Hz to 16kHz

  • Three simultaneously measuring “virtual” noise meters.
  • Integrator 1 is preset to Q3 for Leq functions.
  • Integrators 2 & 3 can be configured with the following:
  • Exchange Rate: 3, 4 or 5dB
  • Threshold: 70dB to 120dB (1dB steps)
  • Time Weighting: None or Slow
  • Criterion Level: 70dB to 120dB (1dB steps)
  • Criterion Time: 1 to 12 hours in 1-hour steps

Integrator Quick settings (pre-set)

  • EU, OSHA HC & OSHA NC, OSHA HC & ACGIH, MSHA HC & MSHA EC, Custom 1 & Custom 2
Ln Statistical Values

  • 14 independent statistical Ln values calculated from 1/16th LAF
  • 7 are preset to L1.0, L5.0, L10.0, L50.0, L90.0, L95.0 & L99.0
  • 7 user-defined Ln values

Time History Data Rates (Global settings)

  • 10ms, 62.5ms, 125ms, 250ms, 1/2 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec (user selectable)

Language options

  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish as standard
  • NB. Other language options available on request.


Software / Accessories


Pulsar Nova ‘AnalyzerPlus’ sound level meter software package is supplied as standard with the Model 45. The instrument stores data in it’s large memory and the software allows the user to download their measurement data onto a PC or laptop for analysis and to create a variety of reports.  This software features a hearing defenders’ tab for PPE equipment specification using octave band measurements including a large database of hearing protection equipment and reporting functions. Octave band analysis is the most detailed and accurate of the three methods commonly used to prescribe hearing protection by the HSE and, in particular, when measuring tonal noise.

Pulsar Nova Accessories

The Model 45 high-performance Class 1 decibel meter is supplied with:

  • 1-year warranty (extendable up to 7 years*)
  • User manual
  • Certificate of calibration
  • 6 X AA Batteries
  • Wrist strap
  • AnalyzerPlus sound level meter analysis and reporting software
  • USB small download cable
  • *To qualify for the 7-year warranty, you will need to send your Pulsar Nova sound level meter back to us annually for recalibration and service whereupon the warranty is extended for a further 12 months for up to 7 years.

The Pulsar Nova decibel meters can be supplied as part of a complete noise measurement kit, containing all that is required to carry out a noise survey.

Each Model 45K noise measurement kit contains:
  • Model 45 Nova Meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) Acoustic Calibrator
  • WS90 Windshield
  • K4 Hard Kit Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • 6 X AA batteries
  • Calibration Certificates for the sound level meter and its acoustic calibrator, User manual
  • Pulsar ‘AnalyzerPlus’ download, analysis and reporting software
  • USB small download cable

The Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters can be supplied with a number of input and output cables. Contact us for further information.

Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

In addition, an outdoor noise measurement kit is available to purchase as an option to transform the meter into an monitoring system to perform outdoor measurements for mid to long-term noise monitoring periods.


If you’re interested in renting this item, please get in touch for more details:

Call: (+44) 1723 339715

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PTB Cerificate for Nova

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – ENGLISH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – GERMAN

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – FRENCH

Download Now (PDF)

Pulsar Nova sound level meter datasheet – FINNISH

Download Now (PDF)

3 reviews for Environmental Noise Meter – Pulsar Nova 45 (Class 1)

  1. Haribo

    The Health and Safety Advisor at HARIBO says ‘The Nova is a fantastic piece of equipment. It allows me to take quick readings and produce the relevant reports and make PPE comparisons easily. As well as saving me considerable time, the clear, real-time screen lets me show and explain to the staff the noise readings in their area as it happens. This is the best tool I have had in cultivating a positive attitude in the staff toward managing their own noise exposure and wearing the hearing protection correctly’.

  2. Graham Ellicott

    Top Performance from Pulsar Nova 45 in TV Studio Project Allows the Show to Go On!

    The noise levels in TV studios have to be low and thus when it comes to acoustic measurements of plant above them then speed is of the essence so that the show can go on. Graham Ellicott, noise consultant, recently had to carry out a number of measurements in a ductwork system above a TV studio that supplies programmes for channels that are available via BSkyB. The noise measurements required the removal of hatches in the ductwork and this process plus the extra noise generated by their opening could have been difficult to deal with had it not been for the Pulsar Nova 45 which can measure many different functions simultaneously. A small ‘window’ of time (approximately 10 mins between takes) was all that was available for the whole measurement process and the Nova 45 easily took this in its stride. Graham commented “In the past, I’ve used other meters that would have required at least 30 minutes for all of the measurements but because of the Nova 45’s ability to measure simultaneously the whole process was completed within the 10 minute window thus saving me and the client time while allowing the show to go on!”

  3. Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC)

    Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC) regularly updates its noise monitoring kit. When it came to purchasing a new real-time octave band analyser which could be used for workplace and environmental noise measurements, we opted for the Pulsar Nova Model 45 noise measurement kit. The kit is constantly in use and is a favoured by our consultancy team due to its ease of use, reliability and impressive functionality – a sound choice.

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Rated 5 Stars

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Free next-day despatch on all orders placed before 12 pm.

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