Working for a demolition company, we are requested to carry out environmental monitoring more and more. I came across the Pulsar Instruments' website and saw their product range so decided to find out more. I was asked a series of questions to assess which instrument was most suitable for my needs which turned out not to be the most expensive. After delivery, I was contacted to ask if there were any issues (which there weren't). I did have a couple of questions once I started using the supplied software - which is great - my questions were answered immediately and explained in a way I could understand.  Overall a 5 star rating for both the instrument itself and the service too.

Downwell Group SHEQ Manager

I have been most impressed with my dealings with Pulsar Instruments. From my very first call, where we discussed the merits of the various options you would be able to offer me, to the valuable insights you shared with me during your visit of my premises to understand exactly the nature of our business, and the specific challenges we face with regard to noise exposure in some of our processes. As a Manager with responsibility for the health and safety of my team, yet little experience in the noise monitoring field, finding and exploiting your knowledge and awareness has helped me to make a good choice for our business that will both keep my people safe, and ensure that the business remains compliant even as our processes and factory layouts evolve.

I am delighted that I am now able to make my own assessments with a piece of equipment that I can trust, and one that will be recognised by industry professionals. You know from our discussions, that I have placed a high priority on being able to ensure that any reports I generate are able to stand up to even the most intense scrutiny, the integrity of your device clearly delivers this level of probity.

I have been working my way through the software, and again I am finding it easy to understand and use despite my lack of experience. I particularly like being able to demonstrate that my instrument has been calibrated both before and after any monitoring period. Any reports saved directly as PDF’s cannot be challenged as having been corrupted either deliberately or accidentally.

I am very much looking forward to attending the one day Noise Awareness Training course, and I hope to bring some questions that will help me to really get the best out of my new investment.

Please convey my thanks to your staff for their efficient administration. I received the quotation I asked you for within an hour of you leaving for your long journey home, and I was kept fully briefed on progress, even providing a tracking number once the package had been despatched.

All in all, a first class effort from everyone at Pulsar Instruments.


Pulsar Instruments made the decision to purchase one of their Nova Model 44 Class 2 test meters with data logging a very easy one indeed. The sales advice I received was truly excellent. You really felt that there was someone at the end of the telephone who understood our requirements and had the correct product to satisfy them. The Nova noise meter is a brilliantly engineered piece of equipment that is very easy to use and it interfaces superbly with the excellent data logging software.

I would highly recommend attendance at one of the training seminars that Pulsar arrange, the course has proved absolutely invaluable to me.

It is so good to find a great company that is so committed to its products and customers alike.

Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd

Excellent course and very well presented. I feel I have achieved what I came for

S Marshall

I now have a greater knowledge of the usage of the noise measurement instruments and also of the Regulations

M Gilligan

Very useful course. I have gained a lot of information on Noise at Work regulations

A Blackwell

A great overview of the Noise Regulations and practical solutions for monitoring noise.  A Superber day. Thank you

M Wilson
Victoria Carpets

We purchased a Pulsar doseBadge and supporting instrumentation last year along with a familiarisation Noise Awareness training day.  The equipment is certainly robust, unobtrusive and ‘user friendly' and provides a real time analysis of workplace noise.

The noise measuring equipment and service furnished by Pulsar Instruments plc has proved to be first class and I would provide an unequivocal recommendation to anyone considering the introduction of this noise management hardware/software.  Some of the credit for the Company award of OHSAS 18001 accreditation last year must be directed at Pulsar due to the favourable observations made by the external auditor on the management of noise at work.

Thank you Sarah and Graham for your impartial guidance and advice and for providing a cost effective system which proves beyond any doubt that we can defend any allegations of poor workplace noise management.

Victoria Carpets Victoria Carpets

Following a claim we were defending, we were asked by our lawyers to supply noise measurement samples for a particular area in our factory. At this point, none of our managers were trained in noise assessment and it looked like we would have to pay out thousands of pounds to hire a consultant to give us all of the required information.

After attending the Safety & Health Expo in Birmingham, we decided to purchase the Pulsar Assessor kit at just over one thousand pounds and arranged for Pulsar to present a Noise Awareness training day at our site in Warrington. We carried out our own assessment the next day after the training, downloaded all of the details onto the database supplied with the equipment, which gave us the measurements over an 8 hour period in minutes, graphs explaining the different levels at given times and this helped us identify if there were any issues in the problem area and even the type of PPE we would have to issue.

The site then sent off all of this information to our lawyers who successfully defended the case saving the business in excess of seven thousand pounds.

DHL Supply Chain

We have a test area where the noise is occasionally above 84dB.  As such, we need to warn staff and visitors alike before they enter the building of the potential danger.  We looked at the PulsarSafeEar and thought it was ideal for our purpose.  We decided to locate the master board at the entrance of our test bed.

The sign was easy to install and easy to set up. The PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign is benefitting the people who are operating and visiting this area, advising and warning them to the potential exposure to noise.

We are happy to recommend this product to other customers with similar noise measurement needs.

ATB Lawrence-Scott
WT Partnership (UK and Europe)

Pulsar Model 22 noise dosebadge system is an all singing, all dancing system that is genuinely robust and does exactly as promised. I am happy to endorse this product for any environment where one would allow people to work.

WT Partnership (UK and Europe) WT Partnership (UK and Europe)

Setters Health Safety are a coaching culture and people performance training company based in North Wales.  Phil Ellis, Safety Coach contacted Pulsar Instruments recently looking to purchase a new noise meter kit. He opted for a Pulsar Nova Model 43 noise measurement kit with the data logging option and 1:1 Octave band analysis. Phil is delighted with his latest purchase and contacted Pulsar soon after receiving his order: 'The Nova meter is very easy to use, with more info than you can shake a stick at!   In addition, Phil was offered a place on the Pulsar Noise Awareness course to be held at the York Railway Museum in September..


The Nova is a fantastic piece of equipment. It allows me to take quick readings and produce the relevant reports and make PPE comparisons easily. As well as saving me considerable time, the clear, real-time screen lets me show and explain to the staff the noise readings in their area as it happens. This is the best tool I have had in cultivating a positive attitude in the staff toward managing their own noise exposure and wearing the hearing protection correctly.

John Peniston HARIBO, Health and Safety Advisor

I would like to express my appreciation regarding the professionalism shown by both yourself and company regarding the recent delivery of our Nova Class 2 Premium noise measurement kit to our site in Hexham. From my initial enquire to Pulsar Instruments, I can confirm that the support and guidance provided by everyone has enabled the purchasing process to be completed in the most efficient way possible and is a credit to the company. I am now confident and assured that the equipment delivered is exactly what our requirements identified and also have the knowledge that the after sales support will provide the assistance if and when required. Thank you again for such an efficient commitment to the customer,


The subject of the long term effects of noise for performing arts professionals has always been sensitive and difficult to assess. At English National Opera, we have been very aware of this situation and in 2004 decided we needed arobust,  reliable and unobtrusive system that would allow us to gain a greater understanding of the typical personal noise exposure levels received by members of our orchestra, chorus, stage performers, technicians and other staff. Given that the music and performance dynamics change from production to production, we needed to incorporate these differences into our noise control plan.

We invested in the Pulsar Instruments Plc Model 22 doseBadge system that consists of small, robust and lightweight dosimetry units that attach comfortably to the shoulder of the employee being monitored. After each session this information is then communicated to the reader unit where we can easily view the essential measurement information. We then have the option of downloading each group of measurements to a computer for further analysis and reporting. The time histories of the noise levels are very useful for determining when the main exposure levels occur and which members of staff are most affected.

This method of capturing data has provided us with valuable information enabling us to assess and then investigate ways of minimising the risks from noise exposure. When routine verification of the equipment is required we simply contact Pulsar instruments to arrange the prompt service and recalibration our doseBadge system.

English National Opera

The ability to comply with Noise at Work Regulations is an essential requirement for a venue such as ours. From the start, we wanted to invest in a trusted brand and a meter that would offer us the right specification and the latest technology to help us achieve compliance. We chose the Nova sound meter from local company Pulsar Instruments plc which meets all our key requirements and we are delighted with its performance.

First Direct Arena
Dakat Limited

Top Performance from Pulsar Nova 45 in TV Studio Project Allows the Show to Go On!

The noise levels in TV studios have to be low and thus when it comes to acoustic measurements of plant above them then speed is of the essence so that the show can go on. Graham Ellicott of Dakat recently had to carry out a number of measurements in a ductwork system above a TV studio that supplies programmes for channels that are available via BSkyB. The noise measurements required the removal of hatches in the ductwork and this process plus the extra noise generated by their opening could have been difficult to deal with had it not been for the Pulsar Nova 45 which can measure many different functions simultaneously. A small ‘window' of time (approximately 10 mins between takes) was all that was available for the whole measurement process and the Nova 45 easily took this in its stride. Graham commented "In the past, I've used other meters that would have required at least 30 minutes for all of the measurements but because of the Nova 45's ability to measure simultaneously the whole process was completed within the 10 minute window thus saving me and the client time while allowing the show to go on!"

Graham Ellicott Dakat Limited

Delivering first class Occupational Health and Safety consultancy and training requires constant attention to detail, forward thinking and the ability to supply your clients with the best possible service, package and relationship. As a business we have key clients within logistics and the commercial world. As you well know winning these contracts and maintaining them is all down to supplying the customer’s needs in a bespoke manner. I genuinely believe that this is only achievable delivering the best possible service to the customer and understanding their specific requirements and finding solutions to tailor to their industry.

On behalf of GTP Ltd (Global Training Providers) I would like to thank Sarah, Mike and the rest of the Pulsar team for a fantastic, Professional first class service you provide. From the initial telephone conversation to Pulsar where I spoke to the technical staff who were polite, professional, friendly, attentive and efficient in meeting the customer s requirements was impressive.

Sarah you have an extensive knowledge base of all Noise Metering equipment and were able to direct GTP Ltd to specific noise meters required for the business in a commercial and environmental capacity.

The follow up sales by yourself and Mike including the one day familiarisation course with the equipment was just superb. Your wealth of knowledge in the acoustic world, professionalism, commitment, passion and experience really did shine through. You demonstrated to me what a truly professional company Pulsar Instruments really are by supplying quality built precession instruments (which have been utilised in many trying conditions since). The after sales and technical advice supplied since has been invaluable.

To be a customer and experience such a fantastic start to finish service like this is not only rare in today s society but a true credit to Sarah Brack and her team. Thank you very much ‘Pulsar’

Global Training Providers

Clifford Devlin has used Pulsar sound meter Instrumentation for over 3 years in a variety of workplace situations from environmental monitoring on large demolition projects to the measurement of noise emissions in the workplace for noise at work.

We have found the equipment to be robust, user-friendly and the software prepares detailed reports for the submission of noise data to our clients. Pulsar provides comprehensive and responsive support services including fast turnaround at calibration periods, instructive noise training and telephone assistance.

Clifford Delvin

In over 40 years as an Occupational Hygienist I have encountered or used many sound level meters for both occupational and environmental situations. In my opinion the ‘Pulsar Model 33' is something special. In addition to the instrument's aesthetic properties it is lightweight and very user friendly. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the amount and nature of data which is measured and stored during every second of the monitoring period. ‘A', ‘C' and ‘Z' weightings are presented which include dB, Max, Min, Peak, Leq etc., plus L1 to L90. All this information can be viewed on the instrument but with copying data to an ‘Excel' file, graphs of any combination with respect to time can be presented. Overall the instrument not only satisfies all my requirements but is a delight to use.

WENAG village community noise-abatement group

WENAG is a village community noise-abatement group  - i.e. non-professionals in the noise-monitoring field.  We decided in 2012 that we needed the ability to gather noise data from a nearby motorcycle-racing circuit, which local residents were finding to be a nuisance.  The aim was to supplement the one-off measurements made by the district council, and by our own noise consultants, with a database covering a whole season of events, so that all those involved could have a clear and unambiguous overview of the facts.
We looked around at the options, took advice from the professionals we knew in the field, and decided to buy a new Pulsar 30 meter with acoustic calibrator and outdoor kit.  We then sent Jon Edwards, our designated technical manager, on Pulsar's one day training courses, so that he would know how to operate the meter, how to calibrate correctly, and how to comply with relevant operational and record-keeping requirements.
 We have now completed a full season, and are happy to report that the equipment performed flawlessly during the 16 sessions we ran, each of which covered around 8 hours of recording.  Pulsar's technical support could not be faulted: if a problem or query arose, we were always able to get through to someone who knew what they were talking about, both on hardware and software issues.  And when we found that certain extras were needed, they supplied them promptly and at reasonable prices.
 We now go into our next season with the confidence that we are both well equipped and strongly supported.  And we would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone else in our position.

WENAG WENAG village community noise-abatement group
Environoise Consulting Limited

R. Woolley contacted Pulsar Instruments looking for an Acoustic Calibrator for its acoustic consultancy.  The unit was dispatched the same day he placed his order. 'Thank you for being so efficient! I appreciate it'.

R. Woolley Environoise Consulting Limited

Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC) regularly updates its noise monitoring kit. When it came to purchasing a new real-time octave band analyser which could be used for workplace and environmental noise measurements, we opted for the Pulsar Nova Model 45 noise measurement kit. The kit is constantly in use and is a favoured by our consultancy team due to its ease of use, reliability and impressive functionality – a sound choice.

Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC)

LLW Repository Ltd manages and operates the UK's primary facility for the permanent disposal of solid low level radioactive waste in Cumbria.  The company contacted Pulsar in October about noise measurement products. They selected the well tested and established Model 91 from the Quantifier range of sound level meters with an outdoor measurement kit.  On receipt of their new purchase, Helen Dornan wrote: ‘The instrument was received this afternoon. I have only been able to have a quick play with it but it certainly seems to be the right instrument for us and the accessories provided look very professional and suitable. We are very pleased with our purchase and would like to thank you and your team.


Chesterfield College of FE has become the first in education to install a noise-activated warning device by Pulsar in their workshops. Paul Lowry, health and safety officer at Chesterfield College, said:  "Until now, we have had to rely on random noise testings in areas such as auto workshops, engineering, silversmith and brick workshops.  But PulsarSafeEar is really simple, accurate and visual.  As soon as noise levels in the workshop goes over the legal limit, the sign flashes on the wall and teachers and students can immediately see they need to wear protection."We see the PulsarSafeEar as a teaching aid for learners.  They plan to pull this device into the lesson to make the point about variable noise and when protection is and isn't needed."  Shaun Smith is a team leader and engineering technician at the college.  He said:  "We have installed two units in our vehicle refinishing shop.  The design is really eye-catching and easy to use.  The students notice when it lights up and they can see how a sharp noise is as damaging as a prolonged sound."

Chesterfield College of FE

Sidhil Ltd is a well established manufacturer and supplier of furniture and accessories for the healthcare market.  The company has 7 sites across the UK where fabrication takes place. Samantha Marsden, HR and HS Manager was keen to take control of the noise risk assessment process and undertake noise measurements at a time to suit her requirements. When it came to invest in a new piece of noise measurement equipment, she chose the Pulsar Nova Model 44K professional noise measurement kit. "We were impressed with the product presentation and, clearly, it was the right solution to help us carry our internal audits and comply with the Noise at Work Regulations".

Sidhill Ltd
James Durrans Group

I would like to commend “Pulsar Instruments” on the excellent and timely service we at James Durrans have received. Since we first purchased our noise monitoring equipment in 2013, then subsequent upgrade of our Model 44 sound level meter, and calibration service is quick, reliable and efficient collecting and returning by courier [for an additional cost but worthwhile.] The equipment is sturdy and easily understood, and you don’t need to be a computer whiz to operate the software.

J Durrans James Durrans Group, Health & Safety Manager
Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

I contacted Pulsar Instruments last year because I needed a simple sound level meter for basic noise monitoring and sampling and they guided me to the Pulsar Model 14 digital sound level meter. This meter is perfect for measuring the noise level of fire alarms and as a point and shoot meter to ascertain any potential noise issues.  Pulsar customer services were very prompt and helpful and have recently recalibrated the instrument for me and within a week I got it returned.

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

I purchased my noise meter last year from Pulsar Instruments and has proven to be an excellent tool. As it was coming close to its first year anniversary, I received a reminder in the post that it would need its annual calibration check with more than sufficient notice. The instructions for returning my meter were very simple and it was duly sent away. My noise meter was returned very quickly and without any problems. Overall I cannot fault the service I have received from Pulsar.

DHL DHL, Health & Safety Manager

I attended the Noise awareness course delivered by Pulsar Instruments in November this year at the Madejski Stadium in Reading. The course was very well presented in a calm and relaxed manner

K Lynch EHS Leader

Very good update and the opportunity to clarify noise assessment requirements. (Delegate on the York Noise Awareness Course in September 2015).

R Mohan Technical Director
Noise Awareness Course 2015

Excellent course delivered by a very knowledgeable tutor.  The course gave a really good understanding of workplace noise awareness - excellent course content.

E Sinclair Noise Awareness Course 2015, HSE Manager

Attended the course at the National Space Centre in June 2015.  Very straightforward and to the point.  Good value for money!  Today has made me review the way I am going to conduct my noise assessments.  Advice was given on where to find more information and how to use my noise meter.

K Buglass H&S officer

I would like to express my gratitude to all at Pulsar Instruments Plc for kindly inviting me to attend the Noise Awareness Course held at Whipsnade Zoo recently. I found the course very informative, enjoyable and a good experience.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your instructor Mr. Graham Ellicott for the professional and friendly manner in which he presented the course. I am sure all of the delegates including myself fully understood the course contents and its importance.

I very much appreciate your assistance.

Jonathan Edwards Noise Consultant

I am writing to thank you for the kind invitation to the Noise Awareness Course which I attended yesterday at the RCNM in Manchester.

 It was very informative which now enables me to handle my noise measurement meter without it feeling alien. I feel that in one day I went from complete novice to someone who is capable of carrying out noise assessments.

 Can you please pass on my thanks to your team for making me feel very welcome and delivering a thoroughly enjoyable course.

Legrand Electric Limited
ICTS (UK & Ireland)

Very comfortable and relaxed course. Small course numbers (class size) which was good. The One day Awareness Course was particularly useful in that it gave me a better understanding of noise regulations and how noise exposure is calculated. There were good examples given and useful information on how to use noise equipment.

Phil Linford ICTS (UK & Ireland), Regional Manager
Sheffield Lakes (Wildlife Trust)

Just thought I'd let you know that I was in Cheshire to support the Trust as they were having a RIDDOR triggered inspection by the HSE. The visit went really well, after the official bit, I showed the inspector our new piece of kit (Pulsar vB HAV meter) as I’d taken it over to run the team through its use, and we got brownie points for being ahead of the game for HAVs.

We are finding the meter really useful and appreciate your willingness to do training for us. 

Keith Tomkins Sheffield Lakes (Wildlife Trust), Landscape Manager
H.A.England (Engineers) Limited

The instrument [Pulsar Nova] has been simple to use and so has the software. It’s taken a huge weight off my mind knowing that the staff haven’t been exposed to excessive levels.

I really appreciated Simon initially calling in with no obligation to hire or buy an instrument. He was so helpful that it wouldn’t have made sense not to choose your company. I was really worried I wouldn’t know what I was doing but Simon told me to give him a call when we are up and running. It put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence needed.

I’d certainly recommend it!

Robert England H.A.England (Engineers) Limited, Director
Able and Ward

Firstly can I thank you for the excellent service I have received from you, in servicing my noise meter and returning it so quickly. It means I will have it for an event I am doing tomorrow.

Please will you thank the service department for pulling out all the stop and getting the work done.

The meter is like a new machine now.

Adrian Smith Able and Ward, Health & Safety Consultant

The course was a great introduction into noise and the effects it has in the workplace. With my job role this overview was very helpful.

Winston Mason Hugh Steeper Ltd, HSE & Facilities Officer

Plenty of information. Stuck to the theme - no waffle and very well presented.

Barry Shackleton Hollingsworth & Vose, Engineering Manager

Excellent and informative course. Well presented by knowledgeable staff.

Andrew Williams Right for Success Trust, H&S Manager

Practical and informative - can be used in real life workplace.

Chris Orr Isotank Depot Services, Training & Safety Coordinator

Very informative & delivered in chunks that were specific.

Angela Thwaites Legrand, Health and Safety Officer

Brilliant Course. Interesting and informative

Chris Royl Ceramtec, Facilities Manager

Great course and no push to purchase products!

Bob Mackley Habasit (UK) Ltd, H&S, Process Improvement Coordintor

Great refresher for basic noise knowledge. Really good supplementary material to view after course.

Daniel Johnson J R Rix & Sons Ltd, Health & Safety Advisor
Hywel Dda University Health Board

As part of my MSc dissertation in critical care at Cardiff University, I aimed to reduce noise levels on an intensive care unit, to enhance sleep quality and reduce the incidence of delirium. A Pulsar SafeEar Noise Warning Sign was placed within each individual bed space, following the activation of the warning signs, quiet time noise reduced by 3 dBA and night time noise reduced by 4 dBA. This reduction in noise levels also reduced the incidence of delirium by 8.1% from the previous year. These results highlight the importance of these visual prompts to try and remind staff and visitors to reduce noise levels.

I had initial difficulties with the data loggers, which was resolved by a senior member of Pulsar driving over 6 hours to sort the problem…….embarrassingly caused our computer system!!!! The customer care we received from Pulsar was excellent, everybody in the team we spoke to was very professional and helpful and went way and beyond what was expected to resolve our initial 'technical glitch'. Simon, the sales manager was also pivotal in helping me understand the logarithmic decibel scale. 

I can not thank the team at Pulsar enough.

Susie Henwood Hywel Dda University Health Board, ICU Nurse