Sound Level Meter Calibration Services

Sound Level Meter Calibration for your precision instruments

Recalibration of your sound level meters is the best way to maximise their performance. 

Pulsar Instruments plc, the manufacturer of sound measuring equipment, is launching a new campaign to highlight the importance of traceable and regular sound level meter calibration and other precision equipment such as dosemeters and acoustic calibrators.

Buying a Pulsar precision instrument is an investment.  As such, it is essential to have any Pulsar meter recalibrated to ensure that measurements remain accurate and compliant under the Noise at Work Regulations.  By doing so, customers will avoid any error, especially if measurements need to stand up in a court of law.  Furthermore, Pulsar will also ensure that any software updates available are installed, and any updated components or consumables are replaced if required, thus maximising the performance of the equipment.

Pulsar follows strict IS0 standards, which is an assurance to any customer, of the quality of work undertaken and traceability of the service that is provided.

All recalibration tests are performed in-house at Pulsar Instruments plc by dedicated and experienced test engineers.

Upon completion, each instrument is released with a Certificate of Calibration valid for one year and the warranty of each instrument extended for a further 12 months.

To enhance its customer service, Pulsar Instruments plc now offer a fast, efficient and friendly service to make sound level meter calibration as painless as possible.

The company provides a complete package for this service by

  •     Collecting from customer premises
  •     Recalibrating and services all equipment in-house
  •     Delivering all instrumentation back the customer

To find out more about our sound level meter calibration and collection services, please call our office on 01723 518011 and speak to one of our dedicated team members.