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Environmental noise

Clifford Delvin

Clifford Devlin has used Pulsar sound meter Instrumentation for over 3 years in a variety of workplace situations from environmental monitoring on large demolition projects to the measurement of noise emissions in the workplace for noise at work.

We have found the equipment to be robust, user-friendly and the software prepares detailed reports for the submission of noise data to our clients. Pulsar provides comprehensive and responsive support services including fast turnaround at calibration periods, instructive noise training and telephone assistance.

Clifford Delvin

Environoise Consulting Limited

R. Woolley contacted Pulsar Instruments looking for an Acoustic Calibrator for its acoustic consultancy.  The unit was dispatched the same day he placed his order. ‘Thank you for being so efficient! I appreciate it’.

R. Woolley

Environoise Consulting Limited

Global Training Providers

Delivering first class Occupational Health and Safety consultancy and training requires constant attention to detail, forward thinking and the ability to supply your clients with the best possible service, package and relationship. As a business we have key clients within logistics and the commercial world. As you well know winning these contracts and maintaining them is all down to supplying the customer’s needs in a bespoke manner. I genuinely believe that this is only achievable delivering the best possible service to the customer and understanding their specific requirements and finding solutions to tailor to their industry.

On behalf of GTP Ltd (Global Training Providers) I would like to thank Sarah, Mike and the rest of the Pulsar team for a fantastic, Professional first class service you provide. From the initial telephone conversation to Pulsar where I spoke to the technical staff who were polite, professional, friendly, attentive and efficient in meeting the customer s requirements was impressive.

Sarah you have an extensive knowledge base of all Noise Metering equipment and were able to direct GTP Ltd to specific noise meters required for the business in a commercial and environmental capacity.

The follow up sales by yourself and Mike including the one day familiarisation course with the equipment was just superb. Your wealth of knowledge in the acoustic world, professionalism, commitment, passion and experience really did shine through. You demonstrated to me what a truly professional company Pulsar Instruments really are by supplying quality built precession instruments (which have been utilised in many trying conditions since). The after sales and technical advice supplied since has been invaluable.

To be a customer and experience such a fantastic start to finish service like this is not only rare in today’s society but a true credit to Sarah Brack and her team. Thank you very much ‘Pulsar’

Global Training Providers

Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC)

Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC) regularly updates its noise monitoring kit. When it came to purchasing a new real-time octave band analyser which could be used for workplace and environmental noise measurements, we opted for the Pulsar Nova Model 45 noise measurement kit. The kit is constantly in use and is a favoured by our consultancy team due to its ease of use, reliability and impressive functionality – a sound choice.

Independent Environmental Consultancy (IEC)


LLW Repository Ltd manages and operates the UK’s primary facility for the permanent disposal of solid low level radioactive waste in Cumbria.  The company contacted Pulsar in October about noise measurement products. They selected the well tested and established Model 91 from the Quantifier range of sound level meters with an outdoor measurement kit.

On receipt of their new purchase, Helen Dornan wrote: ‘The instrument was received this afternoon. I have only been able to have a quick play with it but it certainly seems to be the right instrument for us and the accessories provided look very professional and suitable. We are very pleased with our purchase and would like to thank you and your team.



In over 40 years as an Occupational Hygienist I have encountered or used many sound level meters for both occupational and environmental situations. In my opinion the ‘Pulsar Model 33‘ is something special. In addition to the instrument’s aesthetic properties it is lightweight and very user friendly. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the amount and nature of data which is measured and stored during every second of the monitoring period. ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘Z’ weightings are presented which include dB, Max, Min, Peak, Leq etc., plus L1 to L90. All this information can be viewed on the instrument but with copying data to an ‘Excel’ file, graphs of any combination with respect to time can be presented. Overall the instrument not only satisfies all my requirements but is a delight to use.



WENAG is a village community noise-abatement group – i.e. non-professionals in the noise-monitoring field.  We decided in 2012 that we needed the ability to gather noise data from a nearby motorcycle-racing circuit, which local residents were finding to be a nuisance.  The aim was to supplement the one-off measurements made by the district council, and by our own noise consultants, with a database covering a whole season of events, so that all those involved could have a clear and unambiguous overview of the facts.

We looked around at the options, took advice from the professionals we knew in the field, and decided to buy a new Pulsar 30 meter with acoustic calibrator and outdoor kit.  We then sent Jon Edwards, our designated technical manager, on Pulsar’s one day training courses, so that he would know how to operate the meter, how to calibrate correctly, and how to comply with relevant operational and record-keeping requirements.

We have now completed a full season, and are happy to report that the equipment performed flawlessly during the 16 sessions we ran, each of which covered around 8 hours of recording.

Pulsar’s technical support could not be faulted: if a problem or query arose, we were always able to get through to someone who knew what they were talking about, both on hardware and software issues.  And when we found that certain extras were needed, they supplied them promptly and at reasonable prices.

We now go into our next season with the confidence that we are both well equipped and strongly supported.  And we would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone else in our position.


WENAG village community noise-abatement group