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Measuring Noise Outdoors

Sound control advice

Measuring Noise Outdoors

By: Admin

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In recent weeks, we have received a number of calls asking for our recommendations on semi-permanent systems for measuring noise outdoors.  Well, if you are specifically looking for a data logging integrating averaging sound level meter to undertake your environmental, vehicle and outdoor noise measurements, we would suggest that you take a look at the Pulsar Quantifier range.

Pulsar Instruments is not new to this type of application and we have worked with many organisations ranging from construction to engineering and entertainment industries to source the right system and combination to support their noise monitoring activities.

Some years ago, the company launched six professional, rugged sound level meters under the brand name Pulsar Quantifier which are ideal for most workplace applications where measurements are required under noise regulations.  This is primarily a range of noise at work meters perfect for industrial noise measurement but it is a product well suited also for outdoor use.  The meters are now well tested and provide a cost effective and reliable monitoring solution.

You will find this type of meter used in the following applications:

What makes the Quantifier a great product  

Each sound level meter in the Quantifier range has unique benefits.

  • Pulsar Quantifier Model 91 (Class 1) and Model 92 (Class 2) are perfect sound level meters to quantify noise levels. They provide time history and all parameters such as LAeq, Lep,d, (Lex,8h), and LCpeak required to comply with Noise at Work Regulation(2005).
  • Pulsar Quantifier Model 93 (Class 1) and Model 94 (Class 2) are ideal for safety professionals requiring a meter with 1:1 Octave Band Filters to help with the prescription of suitable hearing protection. In this case, a comprehensive database of hearing defenders is provided via Analyser, the reporting software supplied as standard. This functionality will be useful when looking after the safety of employees operating in areas with heavy, noisy machinery with suitable PPE.
  • Pulsar Quantifier Model 95 (Class 1) and Model 96 (class 2) feature 1:1 and 1:3 Octave band filters for the identification and subsequent analysis and control of noise sources that may require tonal analysis such as on construction sites or with complex machinery.

The software behind the technology

All sound level meters in the Quantifier range store the Time History.  Pulsar Analyser, the download, analysis and reporting software is supplied as standard with all Quantifier meters. It allows up to 12 days of 1 second Time History data to be stored.  This software is particularly useful to transform any noise measurements into informative reports at the click of a button.

Measuring noise outdoors with Pulsar Quantifier

Two options are available to customers when it comes to making the Quantifier into an outdoor measurement system.

WK1 short term or occasional outdoor kit
This kit is only intended for measurements that are for relatively short periods i.e. up to a day or overnight. For longer measurements customers should choose the WK2 long term outdoor kit.
To reduce cost, the pre-amplifier and microphone from the sound level meter itself are fitted within the ‘waterproof’ mounting system complete with windshield and bird-spikes.
The windshield system provides protection from the elements whilst the bird-spikes are needed to avoid birds perching on the windshield and affecting your noise measurements. This unit can then be mounted on a standard camera tripod.
The 10m cable coming from the windshield assembly is connected to the extremely robust weatherproof kit case which protects the instrument, power supply and accessories.

The WK2 Medium Term Outdoor Kit
The WK2 provides the solution for more demanding outdoor noise measurement and monitoring applications. The WK2 consists of a weatherproof carrying case for the instrument, power supply and accessories which is linked via a heavy duty 10m cable to the outdoor microphone system. (Other lengths are available upon request).
The outdoor system consists of an integral tripod and windshield assembly which hermetically seals the pre-amplifier and associated circuitry. This is to prevent humidity affecting the circuitry and introducing impedance and therefore measurement errors, so the WK2 system will work in conditions of up to 99% humidity to full performance.
The windshield/bird spike assembly employs the same weatherproofing techniques used for permanent airport monitors. The adjustable tripod legs of the sealed unit can level the system to any surface and the ‘hook’ system can be used to attach the assembly to a nearby permanent fixture or add extra weight to the assembly. This ‘tripod and microphone’ assembly can be easily transported using its tubular carry case.

In summary

The Quantifier may be well-established sound level meters but they are robust instruments and can be trusted to do the job.  Decide what you want to measure and where and whether you need to measure noise outdoors occasionally or for longer periods then choose the system that suits you.

To find out more about the Pulsar Quantifier range of sound level meters or noise monitoring equipment that can effectively measure the levels of noise in your work environment or outdoors, contact us. Alternatively, please ring one of our team members on 01723 518011 today.

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