Quantifier 91 & 92 data logging sound meter


This data logging sound meter is a no-nonsense, practical solution for measuring vehicle noise and exhaust noise. 

Simple to use meters: just switch on, calibrate and begin measuring noise levels.

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The Model 91 (Class 1) or Model 92 (Class 2) data logging sound meters are the ideal instruments to measure vehicle noise. On these models, the pre-amplifier can be removed from the instrument, connected via a cable and located next to the exhaust in the correct position. This allows the sound level meter to be read from the driver’s seat so the correct engine speed can be set for measuring vehicle exhaust noise.

Both sound meters can also be used for the risk assessment of noise levels providing time history and the measurement of all required parameters needed to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations and EU Directive 2003/10/EC.

Each data logging sound meter has been designed to be easy to use whilst providing the user with the fundamental parameters required to comply with current legislation such as Leq, LEPd and LCPeak.

All sound meters in the Quantifier range are data logging making it easy to transform your noise measurements into informative reports. Our outstanding Pulsar Analyser reporting software package is provided as standard, making the transformation of measurements into informative reports a simple task.

Simply switch on the instrument, calibrate and start measuring noise

  • Easy to navigate keypad
  • Broadband measurements with Time History
  • Removable pre-amplifier
  • Data-logging with outstanding Analyser software package provided as standard
  • Option to print data directly from the instrument
  • Automatic back-light
  • Complies with IEC 61672, IEC 60651 & IEC 60804
  • Calibration certificate included as standard


  • Ideal for vehicle noise and exhaust noise measurements as well as general risk assessment of noise levels.


The ‘Analyser’ Sound Level Meter Software package is supplied as standard with the Models 91 & 92 instruments. The instruments can store data in their internal memory and this information can be downloaded and reports created using the exceptional Pulsar ‘Analyser’ download and analysis reporting software.

The Sound Level Meter Software also has a special database of hearing protectors that allows the user, at the click of a button, to have all calculations done for them automatically. A selection of hearing protection is listed and a report can be compiled.

The Model 91 or 92 data logging sound meter come supplied with:

  • 24-month warranty
  • ‘Analyser’ download
  • Analysis & reporting software
  • USB download cable
  • User manual
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Battery (2 X AA batteries)

The sound meters can be supplied as part of a complete noise measurement kit, containing all that is required to carry out a noise survey.

Each Model 91K (Class 1) or Model 92K (Class 2) noise measurement kit contains:

  • Model 91 or 92 Sound Meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) or Model 106 (Class 2) Acoustic Calibrator
  • Battery compartment of Pulsar Quantifier sound meter
  • WS90 Windshield
  • K2 Hard Attaché Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Batteries (2 X AA batteries)
  • Calibration Certificate for the sound meter and its acoustic calibrator
  • User manual
  • ‘Analyser’ download, analysis and reporting software
  • USB download cable

Outdoor noise monitoring kits are also available for the Quantifier Range enabling you to protect your meter from the climate and dust.

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LLW Repository Ltd
LLW Repository Ltd manages and operates the UK's primary facility for the permanent disposal of solid low level radioactive waste in Cumbria. The company contacted Pulsar in October about noise measurement products. They selected the well tested and established Model 91 from the Quantifier range of sound level meters with an outdoor measurement kit. On receipt of their new purchase, they wrote: ‘The instrument was received this afternoon. I have only been able to have a quick play with it but it certainly seems to be the right instrument for us and the accessories provided look very professional and suitable. We are very pleased with our purchase and would like to thank you and your team.

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