Integrating Sound Level Meters - Assessor 83 & 84

The Assessor Integrating Sound Level Meters Models 83 (Class 1) and 84 (Class 2) offer you all of the benefits of the affordable and easy to use Models 81A & 82A, but with the addition of 1:1 Octave Band Filters for selection of hearing PPE. Ideal for use by health and safety specialists especially those involved in industrial hygiene.

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Both the Assessor Models 83 (Class 1) and 84 (Class 2), like all other Pulsar sound level meters are simple to use, affordable but high-performance instruments which comply with international standards. These instruments are ideal for people, such as those involved in industrial hygiene, who prefer the automatic 1:1 Octave Band method of selecting appropriate hearing protection for their workers.

To ensure simplicity of use, the instrument automatically sweeps through the information upon completion of the measurement cycle.

Another key benefit of the Models 83 & 84 instruments is that they do not need to be upgraded. They are supplied as data logging instruments with the outstanding Pulsar ‘Analyser’ download and analysis reporting software as standard. The software not only enables the user to produce a variety of informative and professional reports, it also has a special database of hearing protection that allows you, at the click of a button, to have all the complex calculations done automatically and select the hearing protection you need.

Features of the Integrating Sound Level Meters

  • The basic measurements of the Assessor Models 81A & 82A with the addition of Automatic 1:1 Octave Band Measurements from 31Hz to 8kHz
  • Ideal for those preferring the 1:1 Octave Band method of selecting hearing protection
  • Outstanding Analyser reporting software supplied as standard
  • Data Logging supplied as standard
  • Blue LED indicator to show that you are using Octave Band Mode
  • The instrument automatically sweeps through the information upon completion of the measurement cycle
  • The Octave Bands are correctly measured in ‘Z’ weighting and an overall ‘A’ weighted Leq is included for comparison
  • Analyser software includes a database of PPE for the selection of appropriate hearing protection


The Assessor range focuses on one main purpose and that is for compliance with International Industrial Noise Directives and to ensure control over noise in the workplace. This mindset has produced an extremely effective noise measurement tool for the busy Health & Safety Professional, Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Consultant, Manager, Supervisor, Technician or Engineer.

  • Noise at work
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Quick spot checks


The Pulsar ‘Analyser’ sound meter level software package is supplied as standard with the Models 83 & 84 instruments. The instruments can store data in their internal memory and allow this information to be downloaded to a PC, allowing reports to be created using the exceptional Pulsar ‘Analyser’ download and analysis reporting software.

This exceptional sound analysis software Pulsar Analyzer package enables users to download quickly noise measurements to their computer and transform them into informative and professional reports.

The Pulsar Analyzer software also has a special database of hearing protectors that allows the user, at the click of a button, to have all calculations done for you automatically. A selection of hearing protection is listed and a report can be compiled.

This software is compatible with Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP and Vista.

The Model 83(Class 1)  & 84 (Class 2) sound level meters come supplied with the following noise measuring equipment:

  • 12-month warranty
  • ‘Analyser’ download, analysis & reporting software
  • USB download cable
  • User manual
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Battery

The instrument can be supplied as part of a complete noise measurement kit, containing all that is required to carry out a noise survey.

Each Model 83 (Class 1) or Model 84 (Class 2) noise measurement kit contains:

  • Model 83 or 84 Sound Level Meter
  • Model 105 (Class 1) or Model 106 (Class 2) Acoustic Calibrator
  • WS90 Windshield
  • K2 Hard Attache Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Batteries (2 X AA)
  • Calibration Certificate for the sound level meter and its acoustic calibrator
  • User manual
  • ‘Analyser’ download, analysis and reporting software only from Pulsar Instruments Plc
  • USB download cable

Learn more about acoustic terms relevant to your industry applications by visiting our Glossary section.

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